Planning for Home Improvement in 2017

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 ""New year, new home! You’ve been wanting to update your home’s exterior and now you think you’re ready to tackle the task. Planning for home improvement projects can be an exciting and challenging, yet rewarding endeavor. There’s great satisfaction in envisioning new prospects for your home, putting the work in and seeing those dreams come to life. Before gathering up your demolition crew and getting to work, there’s quite a bit of groundwork that needs to be done. Follow our guide to ensure you don’t miss a beat when sprucing up your home.



1. Do your research


""Before taking on the big project, hop on the internet to see what others have done. You’ll find useful tips and project-specific information that will help you along the way. At Aspen we stress “knowing your contractor.” Shop around for different contractors in your area and contact them to see who would be the best fit for your home. An hour or two of research each day can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars.




2. Create a budget


""Don’t go in over your head! Once you’ve done your research, map out a budget of what you’ll need for materials, labor, etc. Even then, you’ll need extra money for surprises along the way. In the event that you find asbestos in your attic or that there are errors in your plumbing, you’ll have extra money to cover the costs. In addition, realize that there are areas where you may be able to save money, which may include painting, removing wallpaper or even lay tile.




3. Create a timeline


""Once you start consulting with contractors, chat with them to ensure you are on the same page regarding how quickly the project could move along. Getting estimates on how long your project will take will allow you to adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Also, once you have an idea of the scope of your project, you can better plan for the best time to begin. Remember that most home projects often take longer than the homeowners plan for. The process could include municipal approvals, excessive demolition and more. The more prepared you are, the better.




4. Invest in good labor and materials
""Sure, the subway tiles at Tile Shop A are $5 per tile, but will they stand the test of time inside your home? Always weigh your options and remember that quality is always something you want to consider in the long run. Sometimes that means knowing when a job is too big for your hands. If that kitchen remodel is turning out to be more than you bargained for, don’t be afraid to consider hiring a contractor to step in and get the job done. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that best practices are being utilized.




5. Be strategic with your design


""When planning your design, be careful not to be too trendy. You don’t want to end up with a design you’ll be completely over in 2-3 years. Choose elements for your home that can stand the test of time. In addition, be sure not to overbuild or overspend for your neighborhood. Don’t put $70,000 into your $100,000 house in a $100,000 neighborhood. If you decide to sell your house, you’ll run into issues finding the right buyers and could potentially get skipped over in the process.


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