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12 Monthly Home Resolutions for 2017

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Need help with improving your home in 2017? Check out Aspens 12 Monthly Home Resolutions Guide!


January’s Resolutions: Budget for home improvements.

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Starting off resolutions in January. It is the perfect time to start planning your home improvement schedule for the year. Make a list of the projects you want to complete and narrow it down to the 3-5 that are the most feasible and realistic for your time span. If you’re comfortable and have the manpower, you may even increase your project list. Next, do some research to create a timeline and budget for each project. Call around to your local contractors, visit your local home improvement stores to get an idea of what you’ll need to prepare for. Are roof, gutter or siding repairs on your list? Look into Aspen’s services!





February: Research Home Trends

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Resolutions in February are in addition to planning your budget, you’ll need to update yourself on today’s interior and exterior home trends. You don’t want to select tile with a late 90’s aesthetic when that style retired long ago. When designing your home according to today’s standards, make sure you consider each room and the overall feel of your home. You don’t want to have a 100% modern, minimalistic kitchen with an outdated living room. In addition, be careful not to design too trendy. Nothing’s worse than investing hundreds into rainbow metallic accents only to find out that clean white pieces will be in next year.





March: Check your exterior drainage/clean gutters

Photograph of a house gutter overflowing from a rainstorm. Late winter is the perfect time to visit those gutters. There’s sure to be debris and blockage from winter, and you’ll want to clear those out before the spring showers come. Once spring hits, check the rainwater flow. Keep in mind that puddles should not stand around your home for more than 24 hours. If they do, check your gutters to make sure spouts are functioning properly. There may be other solutions, depending on the severity of your situation.






April: Schedule your free inspection!

""It’s time to check your roof! Call Aspen sometime this month and have one of our professionals come give you a free inspection and estimate. We provide photos and accurate information to fill you in on your home’s condition and we’re always ready to answer any questions you have. We’ll walk you through our process to ensure that, should you choose to utilize our service, you’re provided with service that works just for you. Ready to learn more now? Call us: (877) 784-ROOFS







May: Get rid of clutter in your home/spring cleaning

""Spring represents renewal; it’s the perfect time to go through your home and throw out any old clothes, decorations, or furniture that you just don’t use anymore. Don’t forget to check your garage for old tools and supplies that no longer have any use. Once that May sunshine graces your town, host a garage sale for your family, friends and neighbors. Use this money to add to your renovation budget. Donate all unused materials to local thrift stores.





June: Deep clean your home

""Bored on a summer day? Give your home a deep clean! Grab a washcloth, some light soap and clean the baseboards of your home. Polish your hardwood floors and run over your carpet with a shampooer. Clean your dryer vent and other exhaust vents to the exterior of your home. All of those things that you missed during your spring cleaning can be taken care of now.







July’s Resolutions: Check for insect issues

""Summer is a playground for insects. Make sure your home is protected by checking around windowsills, corners and any cracks in the wall. Get rid of any cobwebs you see, have ant poison and bug spray handy, and keep all doors and windows closed when necessary. Look into natural ways to prevent and ward off insects as well.








August: Review your home’s safety

""Do you have a first-aid kit in place for disasters? Prepare a kit with Band-Aids, aspirin, blankets, crepe rolled bandages, antibiotic ointment, safety pins, tweezers, disposable gloves, scissors, alcohol, insect cream, etc. Place the kit in a central location and have peace of mind that in time of an injury, you’ll have a one-stop shop inside your home. In addition to preparing a first-aid kit, check your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for functioning batteries.






September: Clean your gutters (again)

""It’s time to revisit those gutters! Removing leaves and debris while they’re dry is much easier and less painful of a process. Make sure you’re using your ladder correctly and have someone stand close by in case of an accident.  Stick to a 2x year, or every 6 months schedule and you should have minimal problems with your gutters.








October: Seal your home for air leaks

""Check your home to ensure your doors and windows are weather-tight and waterproof. Look for peeled paint and loose caulking around your window frames and trim. Look into sealant options such as self-adhesive foam, caulk, clear plastic window film and draft snakes. You’ll see a great benefit from sealing those holes in your energy bills.








November: Deep clean your basement or attic

""Your basement and attic are harboring tons of boxes that are just begging to be opened and set free. Go through these areas and get rid of your old materials by donating them to a local shelter. The holidays and cold winter can be tough, and the objects you aren’t using are sure to be appreciated by those who are less fortunate. From then on, try to be more conscious about the items you buy, taking into consideration what you’ll use the item for, how often you’ll use it and how long you’ll need it.







December: Update your valuables records

""The holidays are a perfect time to update your record of valuables. This will definitely come in handy should your home be subject to a weather, flooding or robbery incident. You’ll be able to provide this list to your home insurance company without having to rack your brain in the moment.


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