The Aspen Standard: A Rewarding Career & Lifestyle

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A company rooted deeply in community with a mission to support others through the highest standards and the utmost integrity. Aspen Contracting is just that, a tree of strength, with branches that support our valued customers and our revered employees. Working for Aspen is more than just a job. It’s a career guaranteed to foster the growth of influence, fluidity, aptitude and vigor. We hold a commitment to provide for our employees and perpetuate employee satisfaction through a number of benefits and rewards.



technology Paid Training

Preparation is key. You’ll enroll in Aspen U, a 1-week incentive-based training course where you’ll learn about all things Aspen Contracting. We’ll train you on sales techniques, technology demonstrations and more. Upon completion, you’ll receive a stipend and certificate of completion and confidence to take on the industry.






""Employee rewards

We value our employees. A company that truly values the meaning of teamwork, we believe in working together to reach our goals. We take notice when our team works hard in the field, whether it’s receiving customer referrals, taking pictures of completed jobs or going above and beyond to exceed goals. Your hard work transfers to points, which you can cash in for Aspen gifts and apparel.





employee using ipadUpdated technology

We’ll set you up with the tools you need to be successful. Our employees receive an iPad, equipped with the latest technology to effectively perform. XActimate, Eageleview Technology and Canvaser are just a few of the programs we utilize. We believe that it is critical to take precise measurements, complete thorough inspections and be as informed as possible. We’ve got the tools to make that happen.







""Housing & Travel

With Aspen, you’ll have the opportunity to travel and have peace of mind with our Earned Housing Program. No matter where your career takes you, we have several options to accommodate your needs as duty calls.







employee members Office support

You’ll never be alone with Aspen on your team. Each office has a full team, ready to guide you as you start on your path with Aspen. Following your Aspen U training course, you’ll receive further assistance as needed from your office location team members. We’re dedicated to making sure you are confident, enthusiastic and ready to make the Aspen difference.





Aspen Contracting, Inc. is committed to creating a stable, thriving environment where our employees can grow to the best of their abilities and reach their maximum potential. Imagine the adventures you could embark on and the achievements you could gain with Aspen. An exciting career awaits. Join the Aspen team today!


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