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The Aspen Standard: Meet Oliver

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Oliver standing by his wrapped truck

Meet Oliver! Oliver is approaching his 4 year anniversary with Aspen. Read on to find out how Aspen has given him the tools to grow and succeed as a Project Manager.


What does a typical day for you look like?

Oliver: On a typical day, I come into the office, drop off collections from homeowners and review the customer database. I send emails as needed and create jobs and work orders within our system. Next, I go visit my team and customers in the field. Giving customers that support is important in that it helps us establish relationships. I inspect the progress of their home and the quality of work. I touch all bases with them and answer any questions they have pertaining to the job.


Describe your job and the culture at Aspen.

O: My job is a lot of fun; it’s exciting! Each day is an unpredictable, open book. I don’t consider it a “job” because I enjoy what I do so much. I definitely believe that you get out what you put in. The vibes within the office are awesome, and we get support on a national level. There is always someone ready to support you and provide you with the right resources at any given time. Aspen is a people-oriented company. There are systems in place that allow everyone to communicate well and utilize the tools necessary to complete their tasks.


Oliver team member

Can you speak to the employee benefits?

O: Everyone at Aspen loves the rainmaker trip. It’s a way to give back to employees and appreciate our families as well. In addition, we earn reward points for referrals, closing jobs, etc., that can be used for Aspen apparel to keep us looking good in the field.


What does the Aspen difference mean to you?

O: There’s no comparison. The integrated processes are impeccable. Our technology allows us to do our jobs from anywhere, almost like a satellite office, which impresses homeowners. Everything is accessible at our fingertips. This growth has made our jobs so much easier – we can expedite jobs, answer homeowner questions, take photos and calculate estimates much more efficiently. A lot of companies make promises – with Aspen there is no facade. It’s black and white, and easy if you use the tools.


How has Aspen evolved from your perspective since you’ve been with the company?

O: Over the years I’ve seen such great coaches develop within Aspen. We have great managers that deliver true advice and support you all the way. We’re growing in a fantastic way.


What does the Aspen standard mean to you?

O: The Aspen standard is doing the right thing through integrity. It’s having high energy, it’s being a go-getter and being honest all the way through. Do all of those things and you win – that’s a fact.

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