6 Tips for Hiring A Contractor

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Choosing and hiring a contractor for your home can be a daunting task. We’ve compiled a few helpful tips to make the process a bit easier to grasp.


""Licensed, insured and bonded

Making sure your contractor is insured warrants that your service will be secured with coverage in the case of damage or a safety emergency. Aspen is licensed in 48 states, and we cover all of our employees on each job.






""Industry knowledge

Trusting a contractor with your home means trusting that they’re equipped with the necessary skills and guidelines in order to effectively service your home. With over 10 years of experience under our belt, Aspen is nationally acclaimed as one of the largest, most effective exterior contractors. Our dedicated, trained and experienced roofers have serviced over 50,000 homes and strive to continue this service with the utmost integrity and the highest standards. When we initially inspect our customers’ homes, we provide thorough exterior inspections, complete with detailed photos of damage. We utilize our extensive knowledge and experience throughout the process to ensure all options and solutions for your home are explored.



The best contractors strive to maintain good customer relations during the time of service and beyond. When seeking references for a contractor, ask for photos of completed work and evidence of satisfied customers. Making customers happy is our priority at Aspen. Our customer incentive program allows customers to share their experiences, refer their peers and connect with us on social media in exchange for rewards. We update our social media with daily project examples for convenient review.



""OSHA certified

Safety is paramount when it comes to any construction-based job. Your contractor should be up to date on all industry standards and practices vital to safe and effective job completion. Our installers are OSHA and EPA trained and certified. In addition, we support our crews with Project Consultants to oversee the build process and ensure standards are consistently met.





Vital communication during the build process ensures a peace of mind experience. Nothing is worse than trusting a contractor with your home only to realize their communication skills are nonexistent. When you call Aspen, you’ll be assigned a Project Consultant, who’ll be your point of contact for the duration of the project. They’ll be on site overseeing your project and ensuring the building process efficiently progresses.





Warranty agreements differ across the industry. It’s important to make sure your agreement is best for your budget and your home. Aspen has an ironclad warranty that guarantees lifetime warranty on all labor and material.

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