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The Aspen Standard: Meet Joy

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Joy working with goals

Meet Joy,  a Manage Repair Support specialist here at Aspen. Read on to find out what the Aspen difference means to her.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Joy: My team helps coordinate the process of transferring information to and from manage repair companies. I oversee and organize documents and ensure that jobs are done in a timely, efficient manner. On a typical day, I send information on new jobs to general managers. I check with sales reps to get information on the progress of projects, and upload documents to manage repair dashboards. I also revise estimates and upload photos to appropriate jobs on the dashboard.

Can you speak to the benefits?

J: Aspen takes care of its employees better than any company I’ve ever worked for. As a cancer survivor, health insurance is a high priority for me. I take comfort in the awesome health benefits Aspen offers, as it takes away a portion of the burden health expenses can create. The 401k program we have is also a big plus. Saving for retirement can be a slow-going process. Having Aspen help with that process helps prepare me for the future. The technology-based benefits we have are also a big deal. Aspen is doing its absolute best to stay ahead and implement latest technology, which helps keep me ahead of the curve as a professional.

What does the Aspen difference mean to you?

J: As an employee, we get support, amazing benefits, training and there’s room to grow. One of the reasons I came on board is because I know the sky is the limit as long as I work hard and do my best. There are lots of opportunities for Aspen with anyone that comes on board. As far as our services, we have the best warranties. There’s a reason why we have a great rating with Better Business Bureau – it’s because of the service and quality of our work. It makes me proud to work for such a well-regarded company.

Joy working with co worker Tracy

How would you describe the company culture?

J: It’s a hardworking, driven type of atmosphere with a very fun twist. We all have goals and everyone works hard to reach their individual goals. At the same time, it’s a pleasant, family-type atmosphere.

How has Aspen evolved from your perspective since you’ve been with the company?

J: It’s amazing how many new areas of roofing have been created and unveiled since I’ve been on board. I’ve learned that there are so many roles within the company that make it all come together, and it’s great to see how each department works together to achieve our company goals.

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