Blake a project consultant working with a homeowner

Ask a Contractor: What’s the Aspen process?

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Want to know more about Aspen’s commitment to excellence? No better person to hear it from than one of our very own team members. Blake, Project Consultant weighs in on his unique Aspen process.

What makes Aspen’s process unique?

Blake: Once aspen has an agreement with a homeowner to do a project, their job finally starts! First, we want to ensure that the insurance company is not missing any necessary items for replacement, or even items that were damaged and not reported by the adjuster.

Next, we determine the best build date, factoring in both weather and homeowner needs. Having already done a thorough property inspection allows us to be prepared for any issues during the build process. For instance, is there a pool that needs to be covered? Are there flowers which require special protection?

During the build, our project consultants are on hand to ensure a quality project is done in a timely manner. Sometimes problems can arise during a build such as rotten wood, and having a consultant on hand will allow for us to alert the homeowner of the wood needing replaced, or any other issue. During the build our project consultants also ensure safe practices.

The key to Aspen Contracting’s success is what comes after the build. Upon completion, a project consultant does a thorough quality inspection of the property. This is performed while our crew is still on hand to ensure any errors can be fixed immediately. Aspen stands behind its ironclad lifetime warranty and it wouldn’t be possible without these final inspections.

Finally, Aspen alerts the insurance company of the completion of a project to ensure the depreciated funds are released to the insured. The Aspen warranty is then mailed out to the homeowner within 7-10 business days. The warranty department can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week should any problem ever occur.

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