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How to Extend Your Roof Life

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Depending on the type of roof you have roof lifespans can range anywhere from 20 to 50 years. So if you just purchased a property and are not done saving or ready to install a new roof, or if you have just installed a new roof and are looking for tips on how to extend your roof life, look no further! These tips are perfect for you!



project consultant performing a roof inspection

Get regular inspections from Aspen. An owner should plan to have their roof inspected at least twice a year, and especially after a rough weather season. Hail and storm damage can cause many problems for roofs in a very short amount of time. With an inspection, a roof is less likely to let damage go on without being detected. If you have any repairs or installations done to a property make sure to check if it qualifies for a warranty and know what the warranty covers. Always keep records of your files for insurance and property protection.



dirty gutters

Just keeping up the maintenance on your gutters can do wonders for your roof. Make sure your gutters are clean and are not overloaded and overwhelmed with debris such as twigs, leaves, and animal nests. Cleaning gutters help keep the burden of moisture damage off roof decks and boards under the gutter line. Keeping gutters and roofs clean can defend against moss growth; moss growth can degrade shingle life. Keeping an eye on this maintenance allows your roofing system to last longer.


Trim Branches 

branches overhanging a property

When storms blow through town they can leave devastating effects, such as ruining a newly installed roof by hail damage or falling tree branches on or through roofs. The last thing an owner wants is a branch going through their properties roof in the middle of record-breaking hot summer, or in the dead of winter. With branches extending over roofs it can allow access for animals to find ways onto and into a owners roof which can potentially cause problems. Keeping up maintenance on trimming greens your property can help extend roof life drastically.


Ice Dams

ice and snow on a property

Ice dams can form due melting and re-freezing of snow and ice, potentially leading to moisture problems in your attic and roof. Keep the lookout for signs of ice dams, and make sure you take care of any ice dam problems as soon as they appear.



loose shingles from probably storm damage

Maybe your roof just needs a tune-up for the time being. Milking the roof by putting in small amounts of patches or seals, as well as replacing deteriorated sections, and checking areas around vents can extend the life of your roof. Many homeowners try to milk and extend the life of their roof while they save money to install a new roof.


Using these techniques and checkups can help extend the roof life of your roof. If you start early enough and stay disciplined on checkups these techniques can really pay off! Call Aspen to check off one of your twice-recommended roof inspections a year.

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