Lifestyles that Match – 2018’s Shingle Color of the Year

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When you are considering getting a new roof installed on your home it is not just about safety and peace of mind that goes into the decision, but also the factors of lifestyle and personality. While a new roof can bring curb appeal to your home are you sure that that the shingle color will truly match you and your lifestyle?

Owens Corning 2018 shingle color of the year is SAND DUNE TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Shingle. This shingle color is a sure way to amplify those curb-appeal factors while bringing out your warm and relaxed personality and lifestyle vibes.

This shingle color has a variety of color mixes that are sure the remind the onlooker of a carefree visit to the beach. You can “create a sense of natural grandeur with this relaxed and versatile medley of coastal hues. Sand Dune combines elements of bisque beige and light sky blue with tones of driftwood, charcoal, and shale to create a canvas of effortless elegance for today’s exterior colors and styles.”

While most of us here at Aspen are always strongly advocating for Weathered-wood shingles, we also like to switch and swatch it up! The Sand Dune shingle color is perfect for those who like to entertain their guest outside. Homeowners who entertain know just how much flow and decor matters.

With Sand Dune the matching possibilities and good vibes are endless! Seems like you can mix and match any door types and their colors, siding types and paints, different types of patio furniture (swings, chairs, tables, patio bar), lights, pillows, and also even drinking glasses!

This shingle color is calling everyone to hang out and have beautiful backyard barbeques. Giving them a great reason to show off their homes’ new vibes. A Sand Dune colored roof can help you enjoy the views, relax, and exhale. Here are three shingle inspirations that Owens Corning has put together.

color swatch for shingles

Okay, so you’ve decided you want to get your roof redone. So what are the next steps?

 If you are looking to relax a little more outside compared to last year definitely make sure you consider Owens Corning’s shingle color of the year.

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