Roofing Stories: Horror Roof Disaster

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Roofing Stories: Horror Roof Disaster

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Potential Customer: “Why would I have you do my roof when myself or someone else could do it for cheaper?”


This. This is why.


disaster roof

Disaster Roof



This poor roof was spotted in the Midwest this spring season when a project consultant was going around neighborhoods talking to homeowners, and scheduling appointments for free roof inspections.


So what’s wrong with the roof? Well for starters, the shingles are vertical. I repeat VERTICAL. Shingles are meant to be put on a roof in a horizontal manner. So, AGAIN, vertical.














Horizontal Shingles

Improper installation can ruin a brand new roof and will absolutely destroy a property over time. Incorrectly choosing the size, spacing, or even nailing in the shingles too low can cause leaks. This can also cause potential dislodgement of shingles in the next major storm or high winds. A roofer can take the best shingle in the world and if they install it wrong, it will be complete garbage. On top of the of the placement of shingles, the roof is missing about everything it needs to truly survive. There are no gutters, no soffit vents, and no roof cap.







Vertical Shingles

Vertical Shingles


This roof is basically beyond repair, who knows how long it’s been like this. The house has unrepairable damage to its structure and foundation. So how did this happen? The property owner either hired a horrible contractor or they absolutely had no idea how to re-roof their own home. This can be devasting for a property owner. People want to always know “how much does a new roof cost?” A roofing cost on average can be around 10,000 dollars. Not too many people can put money towards a new roof without the help of insurance. The property owner had to have had leaks and by the time they realized the error they probably could not afford to replace it. The damage was done.


Aspen’s tip for this article is to focus on the quality of your roofing contractor. A roofer is more important than the product, only a good quality roofing contractor would install a good quality product.


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Recap for all you skimmers out there:

Don’t go cheap on your roof or you’ll end up with a disaster roof and vertical shingles. Skip the DIY and the cheap shady contractor, check to see if your contractor is reputable. Aspen took some time out of your searching. Surprise! We can install your roofing services! Contact Aspen to get a free roof inspection. 

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