Why Aspen Only Uses the Best

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Aspen says that you should hire a reputable contractor because only a reputable contractor would use the best products. And that’s true. Aspen only uses the best products and product manufactures. Therefore, in this Aspen blog article, we go over a few products we use and why we consider them some of the best.




Roofers putting on Aspen Underlayment

Aspen Underlayment


Aspens specially crafted underlayment is used to protect a homeowner’s property better than any felt paper available. Underlayment serves as an additional layer of protection for your roof. It is designed in such a way that helps protect your home from precipitation and moisture seeping into the deck, which could cause rotting or leaks. That is why it is so important to use the best underlayment possible. Our underlayment has almost 50x tear strength compared to felt, and more than double puncture PSI strength. Our underlayment is not water resistant, but waterproof! It has textured surface for walking safety and it is UV resistant for 6 months.  To top it off, when we install Aspen underlayment it is 100% recyclable and comes with a lifetime warranty.



Owens Corning Shingles



Another product we consider one of the best comes from a manufacturing company Owens Corning; they are claimed as Americas #1 shingle brand. O.C. focuses on many different types of products that prove that they are one of the best. They use innovative technology when it comes to using their raw materials. They truly focus on all parts of the roofing system and making sure it is beautiful. Owens Corning also cares about the environment and they are committed to sustainability and the saving of energy.


Certain Teed manufacturer products


Another company that Aspen collaborates with is CertainTeed. CertainTeed works on many different areas in roofing. Their siding product has many great features that make it better than the regular standard siding. With unique stack lock design, it is easier for the worker to install. Ensuring that the panels stay on a home even in the highest of winds. The siding is tested for minimal moisture absorption. It only takes 7 days to show their superiority when it comes to combating moisture issues, expansion and contraction issues. CertainTeed strives for color flexibility and texture authenticity. They make sure that the customer always loves their options. Their siding has high-level impact when it comes to hail damage, dings, chips, and cracks.

Recap for all you skimmers out there:

Only a great contractor would use great materials. So that is why Aspen only uses the best products and materials. Check out the underlayment we install or check out a few manufacturer products that we partner with!


If you enjoyed learning about Aspen and some of the best products we use, make sure you schedule an appointment today!  Learn how these products can help protect your home. Visit our contact page or call 877-784-ROOF.


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