Types of Roofs Aspen Contracting Installs

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Many believe that a roof is just a roof; they are all the same and serve the same purpose. However, several different factors go into the construction of a roof. Don’t be fooled; all roofs are not made the same. In this blog, we highlight a few different roofs that we install for our customers. Aspen offers roofs with asphalt shingles, metal, title, as well as TPO, POV, and EPDM roofs.  


Asphalt shingles are most commonly thought as the most popular roofing material in the world, but tile shingles hold a bit more weight to that title. Tile shingles are the most commonly used roofing material worldwide, with asphalt coming in as second most common. Tiles are so common because they can survive in a variety of environments. They have been around longer than asphalt, they are durable, and they are offered in many different styles. While those are the two most common the roofing industry is seeing an uptick in trend for metal roofs. This roof type is becoming more and more popular due to its green factors. Metal is a great material for environmentally conscious customers because metal is completely recyclable. Not only does metal excel in environmental friendliness, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing with plenty of options for design and colors.  


Types of Materials 


Asphalt Shingles 


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These shingles get their names from the asphalt that it uses for waterproofing protection. Asphalt Shingles can be one of the most inexpensive choices depending on the brand of shingle, and can be the easiest to install. Asphalt shingles tend to be made from fiberglass and can be very wind and sun resistant, but prone to hail damage. 







metal roofing for Aspen contracting

The most common materials to create metal roofing are aluminum and steel. High-end metal roofs can be made from materials such as copper and stainless steel. Metal roofing is usually made from the mixture of new material and recyclables. Steel is common in metal roofing due to its long-term durability, while also being low in weight and high in strength. This material is very trendy and aluminum is very popular around coastal areas due to its resistance to rust and corrosion.  











tile roofing shingles for Aspen Contracting

The tiles themselves are usually made from slate or terra cotta. This material hangs in parallel rows to overlap and keep out rainwater. Tile roofing manufacturers can offer warranties up to 50-years since the material has been known to last up to a century. Though tile roofs can last longer, they can be offered at almost twice the price of asphalt shingles. Tiles are the preferred roofing material in cooler climates, but they are also very popular in warmer climates. 









Flat Roofs   



EPDM flat roof

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is more commonly used for commercial flat roofs. Because of the low slope (flat roof), EPDMs can have a lower price tag than most other roofing materials. EPDM is a tough and durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane. This roofing material comes from oil and natural gas. Repair and maintenance is absolutely critical to preserve the material and prevent any shrinkage and leaks 








TPO – Thermoplastic polyolefin  

Tpo roofing Aspen Contracting installs

TPO can withstand UV and heat damage better than that of EPDM. TPO is great to help prevent the growth of mold and is resistant against holes and tears in its membrane. Since TPO is so flexible, UV and heat resistant TPO can bend and move with the structure of the building. 


PVC- Polyvinyl Chloride   


PVC membranes are produced in numerous colors, though gray and white are the most common and look very similar to TPO. PVC membranes can help well with high-energy costs. Like TPO, PVC is also flexible. PVC does well with interactions with chemicals such as oil and grease making it a good choice for restaurants style buildings.  







If you have any questions on the types of roofs Aspen installs or questions about which roof would fit your situation best, please call 877-784-ROOF. Visit our contact page to set up an appointment to get a free inspection today! 








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