Special Project #2 – Commercial Roof

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Yes, we install residential roofs. Yes, we install new construction roofs. Yes, we install commercial roofs.

Sometimes our commercial roof installs don’t get the love that they deserve. This week the Aspen blog will cover a special commercial project that was done in Birmingham, AL.

after picture of commercial project

After picture of the special commercial project

One of our Project Consultants came to the rescue for this project to save this property owner’s roof. The project, on the grounds of an apartment complex in Birmingham, was a leasing office and apartment complex. Anyone who has rented an apartment knows that the way the leasing office looks can be all too important when deciding to rent at that property or not. Leasing offices today often resemble a clubhouse structure with pools, workout areas, and places to cook and enjoy company. Having a leasing office or apartment with leaks going through the building can negatively affect the business.

The leasing office had a flat roof. The previous flat roof was of modified bitumen. Modified bitumen is a type of asphalt roofing made of a variety of rubber modifiers, solvent, and asphalt. Our Project Consultant told us that the owner said the flat roof was had been unsuccessfully patched for many, many years.

patched flat roof for commercial roof project

Patches can be seen on the flat roof

The patches were compromised and water started seeping in, leading to severe leaks. Aspen crew members were able to replace several pieces of wood decking that were rotted from the water.

The roof was not shedding water properly so they also took measures to build up the roof to help. Aspen went in and was able to replace the modified bitumen with mechanically attached TPO.

Mechanically attached TPO is applied to flat roofs without the need of adhesive (glue) which can result in a faster application, with lower the cost, but the same amount of efficiency.

On top of the project of the leasing office, the apartment buildings were an extremely complex repair project.

mansard shingled overhangs

Mansard Shingled Overhangs

The apartments were shingled roofs with the sidewalls having mansard shingled overhangs. To anyone that does not speak roof language, this means that the roof was a very steep slope. These mansard shingles are very hard to repair and many companies (not Aspen Contracting) often install them wrong. The shingles were not only detaching and falling off the roofing structure before the repair but were literally breaking into pieces in the crews’ hands. Their condition is the result of wind damage probably improper installation.

The upper pitched areas were in the stage of deterioration due to improper ventilation, which is extremely important to a healthy roofing structure. In the photos of the roof, there are black sections around the roof vents. These black areas are actually mold stains due to improper ventilation. Luckily our Project Consultants are well versed in ventilation for any commerical roof and helped find a solution to the poor ventilation in the buildings.

We love seeing the projects that our Projects Consultants complete. Aspen Contracting can do any job, big or small. We care and we are not afraid of the work. If you have a commercial roof and are in need of a repair or re-roof do not hesitate to call and get started with a free inspection! 877-784-ROOF. If you enjoyed this article check out our last special featured project

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