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It was a few years ago that Wendy Boone came to Aspen as a Project Consultant. Many roofs and happy homeowners later shows just how valued Wendy is at Aspen Contracting. This week Aspen got the opportunity to sit down and get to know our Project Consultant, Wendy Boone, just a little better.




How did you get started with Aspen Contracting?

“I learned about the company from a career fair in the Kansas City metro area. My family currently lives in KC, but I live in Arizona now. I was up for a new challenge and was looking for something that would work with me living in MO in the summer and living in AZ in the winter months. Aspen Contracting was a perfect fit. This company had and has just the type of employees I want to work with, the company’s values and motto aligned with my beliefs. Aspen really understood my lifestyle and allowed my traveling schedule to work. I was really impressed by Aspen’s history and reputation, we are the best in the industry and I only want to work for the best.”



Your job title is called “Project Consultant. How do you think other previous positions prepared you for this role?

“Before becoming a project consultant I worked in many different sales positions. One of my favorite positions, before I came to Aspen Contracting, was working as a flight attendant. Customer service is the backbone to any company. Being a flight attendant you learn just how important customer service is. I only want to give homeowners the same type of customer service that I would want.”


Describe your job and the culture at Aspen.


“Well for starters, you get dirty. One day you can be working in the city and the next day in the country. When I first started with Aspen Contracting I was working and staying in upstate NY. This was very different from AZ because at night we would be wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants. This was the first time that I really got to see the Aspen Culture. I was living with other employees. Some nights after work we would have bonfires and just hang out. Aspen culture is like a family culture, like all families you don’t always get along, but you are going to be there for them when they need you.”



What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“This is my 5th year with Aspen Contracting. I enjoy coming to work, learning, and helping homeowners that have been in a catastrophic event. I use my knowledge of many years of asking questions and learning to help homeowners understand the process and to help educate them. Most homeowners do not have any experience in our field until they have a reason too, many homeowners have never filed an insurance claim. I take pride in being able to help answer all their questions and concerns. One of my mottos I live by is “you don’t know what you don’t know”, here at Aspen Contracting, I take time out to ask questions and learn something new every chance I can. “



What inspires you to do your best?


“For me, it’s not what, but who. My family inspires me to be my best, that’s just how I was raised. What I learned growing up, as well as over the years is “Why not be positive?” I have learned that negativity is contagious just as being positive is contagious. No one is perfect, but I try my very best to be positive.”



How has Aspen evolved in your perspective since you started with the company?


“In my perspective, Aspen Contracting has really made strides with improving the technology with use every day for the job. The use of our iPad’s is so important for our company’s communication. On top of technology, our Marketing department has come a long way. We are thriving on social media as well as our print marketing. Our marketing detainment is always going above and beyond to get our name out there whether that be in digital or creative print.”




What are some fun facts that your fellow Aspen Contracting employees might not know about you?

“I absolutely love sports, football especially. My love for football started out when I was a statistician for my high school team. I had to keep track of all the points and players, my knowledge of football really grew. My favorite team is the KC Chiefs! On top of loving sports, I love to water ski!”




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