Customer Incentive Program

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Our trusted Project Consultants try their best to recommend the Customer Incentive Program to the customers they work with. Sometimes the program can get lost in translation. While some customers have heard of the program, those who do know of it get confused about how it works.




The Customer Incentive Program is a rewards program, “incentive” for doing simple tasks such as submitted reviews and referrals. These tasks have predetermined points assigned to them and after a while points will add up and customers can collect prizes.


Points Explanation / Account History View


Signing up is super simple. You just need your email address! By navigating to our Customer Incentive website you can then follow the steps on the left side of the page to register your account. When you become registered you can then see where to go to submit your referrals, reviews, and record your social media likes.



Login and register screen

Login and register screen



“Points may be used to redeem prizes. For every referral you send us you will receive 20 points! Facebook Likes are worth 1, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are all worth 10 points! Write an online review and get 10 points! Use our online catalog to see what prizes cost and to redeem them.”


To get an idea of what the process looks like for submitting points make sure to check out our example image gallery below.


 Submitting points example 



If you are interested in the options of rewards, register your account and head over to Customer Incentive website to view the catalog.



Reward Catalog Example

Reward Catalog Example



As always we want to make the Customer Incentive Program as fun, simple, and rewarding as possible. If you ever have any questions with the program or are having problems with registering/navigating the program please feel free to email [email protected] or call 877-784-7663.


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