Employee Spotlight: Meet Jason Felts

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jason felts

“Jason was great to work with. He can definitely talk the talk, but not in a sleazy salesman way. He was straightforward with how the money part would work, did a good job with the insurance adjuster to find everything possible, and was very responsive with all the scheduling. As a bonus, my dog liked him, and I trust her judgment.” – “Steve Launder.

When you are Jason felts, you not only get great reviews, but you also receive humorous reviews. This week Aspen Contracting would like to highlight one of our helpful and hardworking Project Consultants, Jason Felts. It’s clear to see that Felts is a hard worker if you don’t believe us ask his General Manager Michael Jansen.

jason felts 2

“He has the drive. He is hungry for knowledge and work, he listens to exactly everything his managers/trainers say. Jason Felts follows his to-do list religiously. He’s been first in the office, has had the most doors knocked and absolutely doesn’t take no for an answer.”

When we asked Felts what his favorite part is about working with Aspen he replied, “I enjoy working with the homeowners, because everyone is different. I love that I get to work with homeowners from the start to the end, turning strangers into friends.” Jason enjoys being able to come to the rescue of people that are shocked and concerned about what has happened to their house, homewares that are worried about storm damage. He enjoys helping anyone who feels like they aren’t sure what to do.

“I have been able to re-roof three childhood learning centers, which is heartwarming. The kids are always excited when they get to learn and see the process of the new roof; the families are thrilled. ” Felts strongly believes that goals are important to achieving success. “I get up at a decent time. I believe no matter what time you go to bed, as long as you get up in the morning ready to work you can find success. An organized to-do list is what helps me succeed within the Aspen Contracting company”.

jason felts suv

Jason always goes the extra mile. He represents Aspen well, driving his personal wrapped vehicle as he travels to job sites. He goes out of his way to help; making sure he never leaves a project with a helpless or unhappy homeowner. Keep up the great work Jason!

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