Horror Roof Disaster Series: Blog #3

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When going through the process of purchasing a home it is typical and usually required to have the home and roof inspected. It is always important to do your due diligence when investing your money, to make sure it does not “rot away”. In this blog, we will cover our third installment of “horror roofs”.

wood rot roof

Wood Rot

rotted roof

Wood Rot

This house was purchased several years ago. An inspector was hired. The house was bought. However, it turns out the hired inspector had cut corners. The inspector took all of the pictures from the ground, indicating there were only a few issues with the property. The inspector knew there were issues with the roof due to observing the numerous amounts of stains on the ceiling of the home. Since the roof was not completely inspected, the roof was deemed as sufficient.

Due to the homeowner not fully understanding the extent of the total damage to the roof the homeowner hired a friends husband. The friends’ husband only performed work he deemed necessary to prevent further leaks. This roofer was supposedly a full-time roofer with 20 years of installation experience. These photos will astound anyone that has the slightest knowledge of roofing. How did this supposedly “full-time” roofer incorrectly install and expose flashing, improperly seal areas and not seal areas at all, and improperly place shingles? Experienced people working in the roofing industry should make a homeowner aware of all damages, plan to repair them all, and do it right the first time. This roofer not only missed multiple repairs on the roof, but the repairs they did make were mostly done incorrectly.

improper flashing and wood rot

(Improperly placed and exposed flashing correlated to wood rot and roof leaks)

flashing improperly placed shingle improperly placed

flashing detached from wall

Flash forward to this year; the owner of the house hired a friend who is also a roofer, to do some handy work around the house. While the friend was working on painting the home, they stumbled upon wood rot taking over the roof. After some inspecting, the cause of the wood rot was not only found but also a number of issues the previous roofer had also not resolved. The homeowner was made aware of the desperate need for repairs. They were in disbelief when they found out the state of the condition the roof was in.

flat roof improperly caulking

It is important to not only get your roof inspected but to be safe always to get a second opinion. Before hiring a worker to fix any problem ask to see their portfolio of work, their reviews, or talk to those who recommend them. Always do this before agreeing to put money into a big investment. No one deserves to experience a horror roof. As always, everyone at Aspen Contracting is here to help. Contact us at 877-784-roof or fill out our contact form on our site to schedule your free roof inspection today!

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