Employee Spotlight: Christine Kipphut

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This week we wanted to start off with an employee spotlight. With Thanksgiving coming up soon we wanted to thank our project consultants and all of our employees out in the field. Aspen Contracting would not be the same, and we wouldn’t have as many happy customers if it wasn’t for all your hard work in the field.





Shout out Christine Kipphut for her 2 years with Aspen Contracting. She’s not only very knowledgeable in the roofing field but still always makes time to learn new things.



Christine Kipphut



How did you get started with Aspen?
“After relocating to Missouri, I saw an ad on, yes, Craigslist…. and called. I decided to take a shot at it and next thing I knew I was at corporate training. “
What’s kept you with Aspen for 2 years?
“To be honest, debt. I was in debt from relocating and failure was not an option. I spent the first year learning everything I could about this industry and the Aspen way. I read every file in our library. To be fair, I was in Wisconsin in the winter and had no TV… Then once learning better how to maximize my efforts, I needed to continue earning money. I have also had the luxury of returning home periodically and working files from there. This has allowed me to continue. “




What does a typical day for you look like?
“I am not an early riser, but usually start out with any job sites that need checking on, then office work. I try to do any Insurance supplements prior to doing the project and make sure that the homeowners’ insurance payments are on the way. I call adjusters and keep it friendly and light. Then I’m out to see homeowners, check in materials, collect payments and ALWAYS ask for referrals.”



How has Aspen helped you grow professionally?
“I would say that the opportunity to learn a whole new industry in my middle age, and giving me so many challenges and problem-solving to be done. “



What has been your greatest moment at Aspen and why?
“I would have to say earning “Rainmaker”(description: individuals that are awarded for their commitment to doing the right thing…. ) and hearing Pat (Owner/ President) speak about me personally AT Rainmaker (awards ceremony) have to be neck in neck with when a homeowner I have assisted hugs me and tells me I am always going to be a part of their family.  This to me is a gift that makes life worth living. “



What has been one of the greatest challenges you’ve overcome at Aspen and how did you do it?
“I hate being on a ladder. I do not much like getting OFF a roof onto a ladder. I overcame it by hiring a stunt double, or a climber as I call him. Then I feel safe and secure. “



What inspires you to do your best?
“Simply stated, being alive. Life is a gift not to be squandered on mediocrity. Every day you are given is a chance to do your best, which I think I do. OR I take a nap and wait for the next day… LOL “



Who is someone you admire within Aspen and why?
“Wow….. Adam Teske. Why? Well, he was tasked with training me in the field after I finished training with Cee at HQ. I knew nothing of the actual work but mastered the basics and the systems. Adam took me in stride and worked with me as needed. However, I then saw Adam take on the job of production manager, and saw him struggle regularly with that. That may sound like a negative to most, but to me, I saw it as a person who wouldn’t allow himself to give up. I am that same type of person and I know I wouldn’t have seen it through. Adam did. “



With such a busy work life, what’s one thing you always make time for?
“As silly as it may sound, a mani-pedi. Yep, its true. Its the only thing I do for myself. I manage to get my fingertips into my inspection photos so I can call it a necessary task. “



What advice would you give to a project consultant just starting out with Aspen in the field?
“Stick with it. Its a crash course in the industry and Aspen Contracting has idiot-proofed the systems. Follow them. Find someone to mentor you and treat them well. Say thank you to everyone. Be kind. Be truthful. Be compassionate. “



If this article inspired you to seek out how to become a project consultant, you can find out more information on career opportunities here. https://www.roofsbyaspen.com/careers/


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