Can You Get A Roof In The Winter

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Can you get a roof in the winter

It can be unclear to many people if roof installations can occur in winter but the short answer is yes!

Can you get a roof in the Winter? That is a question many homeowners and property owners have. Like any other season, roofing companies do work in winter conditions, while it does bring on different strains, it is certainly not entirely impossible. 

Roofing contractors need to work during the colder months in the year, just like any other industry. Some crews enjoy working in the colder conditions than an unbearable heat wave. 

Unforeseen problems such as a storm can occur in the winter, leaving a homeowner at risk if they do not get their roof repaired! This is why roofing also needs to occur in the colder months. Some roofs cannot wait until it’s warmer. Winter repair and replacement are always available when it is needed, it is always worth replacing a roof asap when needed rather than waiting. 

Winter can bring on a whole new level of safety precautions needed. While harnesses are a must in any condition a roofer now has to be aware of spots that are brought on by cold weather. A roof could be covered by ice or snow, making navigation a more difficult task. 

Just like sun hats and long sleeves in the summer to protect from the sun, appropriate attire like boots with good traction, thermal wear, gloves and stocking caps in the winter keeps our crews warm and safe.  

Crews should never scramble to get a project complete, but they should understand the conditions they are working and plan accordingly.

Providing quality service in a timely manner is always our top concern no matter the season. Check out some winter projects Aspen Contracting completed last year! 

before / after

Slate Roof in KC, MO

winter roof

Slate Roof in KC, MO

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