Employee Spotlight: Brandon Witten

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This month we got together with Brandon Witten, a project consultant out of our Wichita office, to learn more about him and his work with Aspen.

  • What is your job title?
    • Project Consultant.
  • How did you get started with Aspen? How have you grown since being here?
    • Richard Mais brought me on with Aspen. He and I played college baseball together. He reached out to me on Facebook and asked if I’d be interested in roofing project management. From there I went to New Mexico and started working. I didn’t know anything when I started, to be honest. It started with a lot of questions. I only went to one door with Richard and then I did it all on my own. I’d ask Joe Nussbeck, my manager, lots of questions. It’s continual progress. You can get as good as you want to get, and I’ve grown tremendously.
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  • How has Aspen helped you grow professionally?
    Aspen has made me into more of a social person. I’ve always loved helping people out and that’s exactly what I set out to do every single time. Just a couple extra steps will do wonders with a project.
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  • Who is someone you admire within Aspen and why?
    • My manager Joe, because he can always get me going. He helps me kick it up a gear and go out and do the thing. He’s the one that trained me. Good management helps with anyone’s work ethic. When you don’t have it, you don’t care about your job. Knowing that you can always pick up your phone and call someone who has an answer makes you feel comfortable to go out on a limb. He’s competitive. He wants to win big, so he helps me win big.

  • When working with homeowners, what do you do to ensure their complete understanding and trust throughout the process?
    • Upon first contact with any homeowner, I’m always upfront and honest about anything. I’m an open book and suggest they ask questions and express concerns. When you’re able to get your homeowner to open up, you’re able to see exactly what they need done to personally be happy. Some people it’s their plants, some it’s the downspouts. No matter what, everyone has something that they cherish and they want to know it will be taken care of. By being overly thorough of the processes, a homeowner can actually learn along the process.
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  • Can you recall a short memory with a homeowner where you felt successful in helping them recover from a difficult storm?
    • I had a homeowner that was handled incorrectly by another company, and they called me out. I was able to not only get their roof approved but I also got enough of their aluminum siding approved to get them a complete wrap. Their house looked completely different after I was done. It’s always the best feeling to get more claims approved than others. There are so many things that most people overlook that strengthen the claims.
  • What inspires you to do your best?
    • My family. When I was hired I was told to treat every home as if it’s my mothers and I do that wholeheartedly.

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