Training Week 2019

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Just like February is the border between winter and spring, training is the border between strong and weak teams.

Last week Aspen hosted Alside siding, Premium Panels, and CertainTeed for this year’s winter training. This time of year is great to get the whole team out together to work on sharpening skills and industry knowledge. “Knowledge is power in the for ever-changing world of technology. Aspen makes sure that we are at the cutting edge of technology” (Mike T.).

Premium Panels

The Kansas City team ventured through the snow and ice over to Premium Panels where they had the chance to tour the facility and meet company reps. While at the facility, the team viewed metal piece samples that were custom crafted for special projects. The team was also able to see the metal roofing material production process.


Alside came to the NHQ office to give us a refresher about the services they offer, as well as the features that go into the siding for residential projects. They offer vinyl siding, steel siding, specialty siding, soffit, and other services. Eric B. one of our Aspen employees is grateful for the opportunity to continually grow and expand his knowledge through training. “The industry is always changing. Regardless of how much you know or think you know, there’s always something to be taken away, something you’ve missed or a new problem you might have encountered that you can get answers about” (Eric B.).


The CertainTeed training presentation included education on their various shingle styles, from the most popular to the most cost-efficient. CertainTeed also discussed how they clearly display pounds per square inch on a shingle bundle. This was interesting because they are one of the few companies that report those details.

At Aspen Contracting, we believe that learning never ends. “I think it is great that Aspen offers that ability to have access to unlimited amount of resources and training to properly help our customers (Amanda B.) Improvement is always possible and one of the easiest ways to improve is to keep an open mind and learn more things to sharpen your skills. Wendy B. another Aspen team member stated, “ Hands-on training with our vendors gives us more knowledge to pass on, whether that be in our residential or commercial field”.

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