Trends in the Siding World

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A fabulous looking roof isn’t the only factor that advances the appearance of great curb appeal. Siding often plays a part as well. This section of home restoration can be enjoyable to install due to all the possible outcomes .


There are many siding material options and color choices to choose from. Vinyl siding is currently one of the most favored types of sidings and has been around for over 50 years. This type of siding suits just about any existing home exterior. Vinyl can great because it is fairly easy to clean and can come in styles that resemble more of a wood appearance than a plastic appearance. 

Diamond Kote LP Smart-side siding in Canyon - N Dakota

While vinyl is very popular, recent trends reveal that many homeowners are shifting towards synthetic stone siding. This synthetic stone material often associated as faux stone, comes in panels installed similar to how vinyl is installed on the home. 

This type of siding usually requires even less maintenance than vinyl. It won’t ever need to be repainted. Since the manufacturers make the siding out of synthetic stone, it is as impact resistant as real stones, but incredibly light and more cost-effective.

Many homeowners are turning towards this siding option for the previously stated reasons, as well as the increased efficiency it will bring for the home. Synthetic stone siding will play a major role in helping with insulation, which affects the bills when it comes to cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

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