Why Commercial Ventilation is important

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Just like with residential homes, commercial properties need proper and efficient ventilation. Ventilation not only helps keep a property healthy and clean but also helps the people inside stay healthy as well.

Ventilation is important because it helps with

  • Fumes and odors
  • Germs and viruses
  • Mold
  • Dirt and dust in the air

There are a few popular ventilation systems for commercial properties.

* Natural Ventilation—Simple. Ventilation flow by the use of open windows and doors, ridge vents.

* Mechanical Ventilation—A system of vents, fans, and blowers that run on electricity. This system works by distributing fresh air throughout the space without relying on air flow.

* Mixed-Mode Ventilation—The system is a mixture of both ventilation processes above.

While all of these systems are used, mechanical ventilation tends to be the most reliable and best system for commercial spaces. This system tends to be more costly during installation, but its benefits greatly exceed the cost. This system properly allows for air flow and the even distribution of air. It does allow for more control, and more comfort. Property owners can relax knowing their space is always being efficiently ventilated.

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