Making your Roof a Fireproof Investment

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Being prepared and always having an evacuation plan is essential. Your investments are also essential to consider when making plans for worst-case scenarios. The roof is the most vulnerable part of any home during a wildfire, studies show that a majority of fires occur when embers ignite non-fire-resistant roofs. We would like to go over a few roofing materials that are known to help guard the home against fire. Fire resistant roofs are extremely important depending on the area you live in.



List of roofing materials from least to most fire-resistant:


  • Asphalt Shingles – This type of material can endure a fire burning for up to two hours. This material is one of the most cost-effective materials, but they are the least are effective shingles.

Home in North Carolina using Owens Corning shingle Onyx Black Shingles

  • Slate – While slate is also a heavy material and more expensive it is also fire resistance, noncombustible, and nearly indestructible. These materials don’t curl or deteriorate as easily as asphalt.


  • Metal – This material is found primarily in salty, moist coastal areas and fire resistant. This material won’t catch fire if embers are blown on to it. The weight of the roof won’t make the roof collapse under fire like tile or slate roof.

  • Concrete and Clay Tiles – This material is marketed as fireproof, durable, and noncombustible. This roof is found primarily in the Southwest these materials are heavy in weight but can effectively fight against fire.

Soffti vent to help aid air flow in roof system


Additional Fire Protection Methods to make a Fire Resistant Roof:

Select and use roof vent covers built from materials that will not easily burn or melt. Clean your roof. Make sure you are clearing off flammable debris on the roof such as pine needles and bird nests.


What is the climate like in your area? Definitely consider these factors for your roof investment. Call us today to schedule an appointment to see all your roofing options (877)-784-ROOF. If you enjoyed this article please check out some more! Blog


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