Tim Millican Spotlight

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Describe what a project consultant does:

I do full property inspections. I meet with adjusters and homeowners. I explain how insurance processes work to the homeowner. I order materials and watch the jobs as they’re built. I also take photos during the build.


What’s the most important thing to keep in mind as a project consultant?

Communication with the crew and with the homeowner. Sharing what’s going on and how the process is going to work. We have to explain what building requirements are in place and communicate Aspen’s standards. When communication isn’t there, you have to figure out what to do next if something doesn’t go the right way. You could have two builds in the same day and have an adjuster meeting over here and a homeowner meeting over there.

How did you get started with Aspen?

I was actually praying because I lost my job with the shipping company I was working with. I went to a job fair at Arrowhead Stadium in 2015 and the last company I saw was Aspen. I stopped and talked to the rep, she told me how it works. I showed up and here I am four years later.


How have you grown and changed as a project consultant?

I learn every day. I’m better at communicating with homeowners and crews. I’m a lot better on the computer. I can complete a lot of my own estimates and I even train people now.

Can you think about a moment within your first year or so where you had to overcome a hurdle?

Probably my first six months with learning the software. The weekly training sessions we have now have definitely helped.

What would you say that you personally contribute to your office?

Leadership, and my ability to be patient and train others. I have a great attitude most of the time. From what I’ve learned, I try to explain things clearly and share what works best for me.


What has your greatest moment been at Aspen so far?

In 2017 I met a personal sales goal. I was laser-focused and tried to work at my goals every day. I take pride in what I do and that’s just who I am. I like to do a good job for others and it’s so fulfilling.

Are there any memorable customer experiences that stick out for you and make you love what you do?

I was knocking doors on a Saturday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There was an older guy when I first started and he had an organic shingle. He was outside working in his yard. I came up to him and started chatting to get to know him. We started talking about his roof, because with organic shingles when they get so old, they curl up. He goes, “Yeah, I’m going to get shingles and I’m going to do this thing myself.” I told him, “If I can find damage, insurance will pay for it because they don’t make it anymore and they can’t repair it.”

He didn’t believe me because the roof was over 20 years old. He finally gave in and let me do an inspection. My general manager came out and confirmed the damage. We called the insurance company and they paid for it. I got to talking to his wife later when we were doing the presentation. She told me she was praying because she didn’t want him to get on the roof at 70-something years old, and she basically told me I was the answer to her prayers.


In the same town, another lady told me she was pretty skeptical at first, but she went ahead with me doing her job. She told me, “Everything you told me that you were going to do, you followed through with it.”

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