Beware of Storm Chasers

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Storms are coming, don’t be left in the dark

While storms can result in communities coming together to help each other, they also present a time where outsiders come in to take advantage of struggling communities. At Aspen Contracting we care about our communities and our customers. Storm season has arrived and we wanted to help guard our customers with some quicks tips and information about storm chasers.

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Some companies pose as mom and pop businesses but they strictly chase storms. In today’s tech-savvy society, it’s pretty easy to find out who is reputable and who is not. Make sure the company you hire isn’t all talk and that they won’t skip town after installing a poor quality roof. You can find details on nearly anything you want to know using the Internet. Do this when you are considering a big purchase such as a roof installation. Use Google to look up the company’s reviews, ratings, locations, license numbers, insurance, warranties, solicitation permits, social media platforms, and press releases. Make sure to help out others in the neighborhood; older generations that struggle with technology may not be able to easily access this information. Don’t let them fall prey to “getting the best deal”, often promised by storm chasers. Contractors are there to help you; a good one would never force you into making a hasty decision. Communities watch out for one another, so if you see a company that seems suspicious, say something.

Keep records

Call insurance companies and see what they are and aren’t willing to cover for storm damages. Prepare yourself in case of a storm. Always get a second and third opinion, and when you do purchase insurance, always keep receipts. If a storm occurs and you need to have work done, never pay in cash. Use a source of payment with a trackable trail such as a credit card. Most property owners have never had to make an insurance claim for a roof before so there are many things they may not know how to properly handle. A great contractor walks a property owner through the steps from start to finish, always answering questions and being patient. Homeowners may not know to not sign an insurance check over to a contractor. If you are suspicious of how your hired roofer is performing business, call your insurance company or BBB right away; they are there to help you. Keeping records may require more time and effort, but doing so will protect you and your investment in the long run.

Be present for the inspection and installation

Though many contractors are reputable, property owners should always be aware. By being on the property while inspections and installations are occurring, owners can keep an eye on any possible unethical or unsafe practices. Though rare, unethical contractors may try to create damage that isn’t already present to secure the job with the property owner. Being present also helps put pressure on crews to follow the safety guidelines that are set to protect property owners and workers. If you have questions, make sure you speak up before it’s too late. Until crews start to tear off your roof you always have the option to “unhire” a contractor who you think is untrustworthy.

Want more tips?

For more tips on hiring a contractor check out the Better Bussiness Bureau tips BBB tips on hiring a contractor. Aspen Contracting is proud to say that we have earned an A+ rating from the BBB because we believe in doing things with higher standards and integrity.

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