Roofing Your Outdoor Structures 

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When a property owner considers having their roof reshingled or reinstalled, they’re primarily in need of a residential roof ocommercial roof for a big office or retail building. Other roof structures are often skipped over or considered as an afterthought. There are many other structures that need roofs, and many of these can be found in your backyard! We wanted to share with you some possible structures you might not have thought about that may just need a new roof. 




  • Shed 



Fun fact: A shed with a shingled roof can raise the appraisal value of a property over a shed without a shingled roof. Not only are they attractive to potential homebuyers, but they are much more durable and can stand the test of time.  


  • Kennel 

Kennels with a roof can be an afterthought when it comes to building an outside home for your beloved tail-wagging family member. A simple but strong roof can extend the life of the kennel’s structure, keeping your dog safe and happy.   


  • Garage 

A garage keeps your carlawn and garden items not only, clean, but dry. If a garage roof leaks its purpose is negated. Pay attention to leaks and you can catch the problem early. If you are planning to have your residential roof inspected, ask your inspector if you can schedule to have the garage roof inspected as well.  


  • Barn 



Barns hold many expensive and sometimes irreplaceable items, such as livestock and farm equipment. Having a sturdy barn with good shingles can protect your investments by providing a proper environment for animals. It can also give property owners peace of mind. Guard against the environment with a sturdy and proper roof.  


  • Playhouse 


Protect your children’s teacups and sidewalk chalk by ensuring a leakproof and hailresistant roof is installed. Warm rainy days won’t always have to be spent inside. A dry and safe playhouse allows your children’s imagination to continue to run wild.  


  • Covered Deck/Patio 

Roofing a deck or patio will not only give you and your guests’ shade, but it can also protect your belongings. Having a covered deck and patio can shield outside items from rust and potential hail damage. A covered deck or patio comes with the option to relax outdoors without worrying about the weather.  


  • Pavilion/shelter house 

Pavilions are a go-to space for larger gatherings and parties. Pavilions are usually gorgeous structures that protect guests from the rain and sun. A shingle type that is pleasing to the eye is important for this type of outdoor structure. 


If you think your outside structure needs to be roofed or reroofed, call Aspen Contracting today. We’ll work with your needs to make sure your roof and property are in the best shape it can be. Get ahead of the summer days; call today so you don’t miss out on any potential backyard outdoor fun!  

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