Commercial Roof Spotlight: Madison, Wisconsin

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We installed a Versico roofing system on this Madison, Wisconsin-area stand-alone commercial building. The property owner opted for a TPO layover over the existing EPDM roof, rather than a full roof replacement. Layovers are a common, budget-friendly option for roofing systems. TPO is a commonly sought after solution, due to its reflective properties. This makes it extremely energy-efficient.

This roof came with a 20-year NDL manufacturer’s warranty. For example, this means that if the roof got a leak and damaged equipment within the building, the roof repair and the equipment would be covered. This is a great option for commercial property owners who want to ensure their property is protected for years to come from the inside out.



We take measures to ensure our team keeps the property as safe and easy to navigate as possible. We want to make sure your roof is installed efficiently and quickly while you carry on business as usual. Are you ready to learn more and upgrade your commercial property’s flat roof? Schedule your free inspection and estimate today!


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