Employee Spotlight: John Johnson

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How did you get started with Aspen?

When exiting from my previous career in the automobile industry, I was fortunate enough to have found Aspen. It was the best career move I have ever made.

What do you feel like you personally help contribute to your team?

I always bring great energy and ideas to my Aspen team with a smile and positive attitude. I take pride in being innovative and how I can help solve our daily tasks with a professional approach to every obstacle.

How has Aspen helped you grow professionally so far?

I have learned so much about the roofing, siding and gutter trades from day one, but overall, I have learned how to manage those trades and all of the moving parts surrounding our projects from start to finish. The entire Aspen team has coached me and provided me with all of the necessary learning tools and technologies to advance my career within our industry.

What has been one of the greatest challenges you’ve overcome so far at Aspen and how did you do it?

I came on board with Aspen as a residential storm consultant. I had a horrible car accident while working my first year. After the accident I was challenged with the inability to perform a wide range of my physical daily tasks and I had to transfer to the new construction division within our company. There I learned a whole new side of our industry which lead me to developing a broader presence with our commercial clients. My name and credibility grew with my clients and ultimately set the stage for larger commercial referrals. I took the bull by the horns and dove all in and since have developed a wide spectrum of commercial clients all over the country.

When working with commercial property owners, what do you do to ensure their complete understanding and trust throughout the process?

While working with my commercial clients, I pay extremely close attention to every detail to ensure we communicate everything both ways clearly which creates a complete understanding of the projects. I have a problem solving approach that helps me manage every project detail. My clients trust that I always take care of every need they have with the level of commitment and follow through beyond the end of our projects.

Can you recall a short memory/story with a commercial client where you felt successful and happy to have helped them?

I have had many successful projects but one that stands out was the first commercial project I was involved in. It basically was helping them discover defects and issues with the roofing system on buildings they were buying. They were more than happy with all of my reports and awarded me with the project to make repairs after they completed the purchase of the property.

What’s the secret to success as a commercial sales rep?

My secret to being a commercial project manager and consultant is simply perseverance and product/industry knowledge.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Aspen?

What I enjoy most about my career is meeting and helping new clients. Once the intro period has passed, the work is done, the fun part is that I made new friends along the way too. It really makes you feel good that I have maintained those friendships and working relationships over the years.

Who is someone you admire within Aspen and why?

There are so many admirable people I work with at Aspen. The one that stands out the most is Pat Nussbeck, my direct boss and the President of our company. He has taken the reins of this company to the greatest heights. He is consistent with the training, coaching and problem solving needs I have had throughout the years. He goes above and beyond providing the technology I need to make my projects and career soar. He has been a true mentor to me personally and I take pride in representing our company by his side.

What advice would you give to someone in your role just starting out with Aspen in the field?

My best advice for a new rep is to not let the daily grind get you down. There are always going to be obstacles and setbacks in life and in your career path in general. Keep your chin up and focus on your goals. Take small and simple steps along each path to achieve the end results. Learn your role and everything possible about the industry as a whole. The more knowledge you have, the more complete you will become.


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