5 Tips to Prepare Your Roofs and Gutters for the Winter

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Winter is just around the corner. It’s important that we add roofs and gutters to that Fall Home Maintenance checklist. Just like preparing for the holidays and getting the kids ready for the cold weather by pulling out winterwear, making sure your roof and gutters are in good condition is vital.  Below are 5 Tips to prepare your roofs and gutters for winter.


  1. Clean Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is where you want to start. You can use a garden scoop to get all of the loose debris and leaves. Scooping them out and into a plastic bag will help minimize cleaning afterwards. You can use a water hose to spray any mud or dirt that you can’t remove with the scoop. Using a hose will allow you to rinse the gutters and send water through the downspouts, preventing clogged gutters. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and then freeze once temperatures drop.


Get your gutters ready for winter

  1. Trim your Trees

Trim any trees that are hanging over your home that could have weak limbs that can easily snap under the weight of snow. Getting rid of branches hanging over the home will limit the number of leaves that can fall and build up on your roof and gutters. Sticks large enough can cause gutters to break, sag or become loose. Gutters that are not attached to the home can cause overflow and damage to your roof and exterior walls.


  1. Inspect Downspouts

A downspout is simply a hollow tube that runs from your gutter to the ground. The purpose of your downspouts is to direct water down the roof to the gutter and away from the home.  It can be difficult to notice a clogged downspout. One way to verify a clog is if you see a water pool in the gutter. This is a sure sign that something in the downspout is keeping it from draining. If there is a clog, remove the downspout and clear the debris.  Make sure that the downspout sends water away from the home. You can add extenders to them to carry water further away. Also check your downspouts for rust, dents and holes. If you see any of this, your insurance company should assist you in replacing these.


  1. Evaluate Roof Shingles

Check your roof shingles for wear and tear. Roofs that are 20 years old probably have worn out shingles and it may be time to replace them. Some potential things to look for would be: curled shingle edges, cracked shingles, bald spots and dark spots. Looks can be deceiving, but if your roof has visible signs of aging it may be worth getting a roof inspection. If your neighbors all seem to be getting new roofs and their homes were built around the same time as yours, that’s a good sign to check your roof shingles for damage.


Check Your Roof Shingles For Damage

  1. Schedule a Professional Inspection

A lot of time and headaches can be saved by calling a pro. A trained eye can spot roof issues easier than the average homeowner.


Roof inspections can help you flag small issues and avoid big repairs later on.  During the inspection, your roof will be tested for durability, damaged or loose shingles, leaks and damaged gutters. It’s easy for an Aspen Contracting project consultant to come out and inspect your roof this fall or any time of year.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB and our Ironclad Lifetime Warranty guarantee is the best in the business.

The sooner you get your roof inspected, the better, as many homeowners use the fall as a time to get their yearly roof inspections.  Appointments will become limited very soon, and we never know when that first winter storm will hit.

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