What New Commercial Property Managers Should Know About Their Roof

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As a new property manager, you’ve got a lot to take in regarding your building. The roof is definitely something to pay attention to upfront. Keep reading for a list of 5 key factors to consider in your introduction to your property’s roof maintenance.

1. What repairs the maintenance department has on record

You can find out tons of useful information by meeting with the building’s maintenance manager. This can include recurring issues, inspection history, previous details of service, what materials were used, and more. Chris Walden, our Vice President of National Accounts, details an example where meeting with the maintenance manager would have helped a previous client save stress, time and money.

“We just finished a restaurant in Michigan and after we finished the roof, they had a massive rain. Sure enough, they came in the next morning and 3 or 4 of the ceiling tiles had fallen from the ceiling into the restaurant. After checking it out and talking further with them, we found out that they had a leak in this exact same location before. It actually stemmed from a wall that they’d been having problems with.”

If you don’t get the right information from your maintenance person, it could cost a lot more money in superficial repairs than it could cost to just fix the underlying problem when you take control of the property.

2. What the roof warranty consists of

Knowing your roofing system’s warranty will let you know what types of repairs will be covered in the future. Some warranties cover the manufacturer’s materials, the labor and materials, and/or the contractor’s workmanship. The property manager is held to a standard in the event that damage may need to be covered by the warranty. This could include proper ongoing maintenance, regular inspections, and debris clearance. Click here to learn more about Aspen’s Ironclad Lifetime Warranty.

3. How to address and keep tenants satisfied when making roof repairs

When planning repairs for your building’s roof, it’s important to put together a plan of action to keep your tenants and guests safe and informed.

Chris Walden details his experience, “With a hotel, we tell clients to inform tenants or visitors about a week in advance. If it’s a senior center, you might allow a few weeks for seniors to get adjusted.”

Make sure your contractor is aware of the flow of business on your property. Chris Walden shares that Aspen tries to plan for flow of traffic. “We try to show on a site map where materials will be located and give as much visual aid for property managers to show their residents and guests. We try to give more information than they need.”

Knowing what areas of your building or property will be accessible will clear confusion and keep your tenant’s businesses and lives running more smoothly.

4. How to budget for roof repairs

In knowing the roof’s repair history, you may be able to find out how much of the budget is usually allotted to get the job done. Several larger companies also have engineers that collect yearly information on the property. Based on how deteriorated a roof becomes over time, it may get pushed up in the budget as a priority. Once the repair is released as a capital expense, it has to be spent by the end of the year. Keep in mind that other companies may be trying to use their remaining budget as well, which could result in a shortage of options and more competitive prices. Labor is cheaper in the first half of the year, so that’s when prices will be best. Better to start sooner, than later.

5. How to care for the roof based on climate and location

No matter where in the country your building is located or what direction it faces, maintenance will offer challenges depending on the season. Is your building in an area riddled with trees that could fall on top of it? Are heavy rainstorms or snowstorms common? Is there excessive humidity in the summertime that could attract mold?

Is the roof no stranger to local squirrels, raccoons and rodents making a home inside? If so, it’s important to know and address the problem spots.

Contact Aspen Contracting when you begin to consider roof replacement. We’ll work with you to protect your property, uphold your budget and alleviate tenants’ concerns.

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