How Warm Weather Affects Commercial Roofs

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When compared to the ice and snow of winter, most building owners don’t consider warm summer weather to also be dangerous to their roofs integrity. Here are a few ways that the upward trend of warm weather can have an effect on your commercial roof.

Thermal Cycle

Temperatures are constantly fluctuating in the summer, even in just a day’s time. The weather could reach peaks of 100 degrees F by midday but plummet to 65 degrees at night. This drastic change causes roofs to expand and contract with the fluctuating temperatures. Due to this, water may find its way through cracks and breaks to penetrate your roof.  Make sure you have your roof inspected for any possible issues so repairs can be made before its too late and there is interior damage.

Blistering Issues

Let’s say water does penetrate your roof due to the thermal cycle…Well the problems don’t stop there. As the sun heats the moisture, it will cause bubbles and blisters to appear on the surface of your roof. If these blisters are caught quickly, then those sections can be easily repaired/replaced. As more blisters go left untreated, the risk of an entire roof replacement grows.

Moisture Damage

Untreated moisture in the property can lead to mold and fungus build up; and untreated moisture on your roof can do the same. The rate at which mold grows can increase rapidly with the high temperatures and intense direct sunlight of the summer months. Roof fungus has been known to damage flashing, which compromises your draining capacity. Left untreated, fungus build up will greatly contribute to the decreased integrity of your roof.

The best way to avoid these negative outcomes is through regular inspections. If you spot a potential issue with your commercial roof, do not wait to have it checked out. Catch the problem early before a new roof is necessary.

Feel confident by calling us today to catch the problem early!

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