The Roofing Industry’s Shingle Shortage and Increasing Prices

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COVID-19 has created unique obstacles for every industry. The roofing industry in particular has seen an increasing shortage in asphalt shingles and other key roofing materials. This shortage is due to factories that produce roofing materials are temporarily closing across the country in hope to stop the spread of the pandemic. This has then limited the supply and increased the average price for asphalt shingles. The extent or timeline to which the roofing industry will be affected by this shortage is still unknown, but here’s how it could affect your roofing project:

  • Longer timelines: ordering of supplies, shipment of supplies, number of laborers, etc. will all have an impact on the length of your roofing project. It is estimated that most manufacturing plants are only operating at 30% during this time.

  • Higher material prices: As asphalt shingles become more limited in their supply, their cost will increase.

  • Aspen’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will not change.

Due to our strength in the industry, our great supplier partner relationships and dedicated crews, the shortage will have minimal effect to the priority of timely service on projects for our customers.  Most roofing contractors cannot say this. If you have any questions on how the shingle shortage will impact your job with Aspen give us a call at 877-784-ROOF.

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