How to Install Tile Roofs

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Tile roofs can create a very attractive Mediterranean-style look. The shape and color of tile often has more volume and interest than that of the ordinary asphalt shingle. It’s a popular roofing material, albeit more expensive, and can be labor intensive to install… But Aspen Contracting always has you covered. Here are the steps to help you better understand how we go about installing this style of roof: 

  1. Plan your project 

Choose your tile based on color, the climate that your building is situated in, and your budget. You’ll also need to decide on the material. Clay tiles are considered the longest-lasting roofing material (in the right conditions they can last 100 years) but they are also the most expensive. Concrete tiles, while still expensive, are noticeably cheaper than clay and offer similar durability. When choosing a color, it’s best to consider the fact that concrete tiles are more prone to fading; consider how the color may come to look over time. 

  1. Consider the impact of weight 

If your roof previously held asphalt shingles and you’re hoping for a tile roof, an inspection is absolutely necessary. There is the possibility that your building cannot support the weight of tile. 

  1. Plan for a specific time 

Mother nature is tough when you don’t have a roof, so planning for a fair-weather period ahead of time is important; as well as scheduling enough manpower well in advance. 

  1. Remove the old roofing 

This can be a days long job on its own and requires the correct tools. Any repairs or roof reinforcements should be made once the previous material is removed. Next the underlayment will be laid and cut to match edges of the roofline. 

  1. Begin installing the tiles 

If the roof is a steep slope, then battens may be required to hold the tiles in place (thin strips of wood that run horizontal to allow for the tiles to attach themselves). Tiles can be nailed directly into the sheathing or into the battens if they have been installed. Workers will start on one side and move down the entire length of the roof. Tools will be required to resize some tiles to fit tight or awkward spots, include time for this. Finally, install the ridge tiles as the final step in the process. 

Now you have a beautiful and timeless tile roof! 

Aspen Contracting’s experience with installing tile roofs, no matter the material, is tried and true. We’re confident that our attention to detail and commitment will leave you more than pleased. Call us today at (877) 784-7663 to experience #TheAspenDifference 

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