OSHA Safe & Sound Week 2020

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The Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Safe & Sound week is back for another year of encouraging workplace safety and furthering the implementation of occupational health programs. This yearly campaign is held in 2020 on August 10-16 to offer information and ideas on how to keep American workers safe. Since the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the rate of work-related deaths and reported injuries in the United States has seen a steady decline by more than 60 percent in the past four decades. However, Safe & Sound week hopes to bring awareness to the 5,000 workers that are still killed on the job per year and the 3.6 million workers that suffer serious job-related injury or illness. 

The OSHA Safe & Sound week provides businesses with safety and health programs such as: 

  • Prevention of workplace injuries and illness 
  • Improving compliance with laws and regulations 
  • Engaging workers 
  • Enhancing social responsibility goals 
  • Increasing productivity and enhancing overall business operations. 

The programs work to proactively identify workplace hazards and to manage them before serious injury can occur. OSHA invites all organizations who seek to recognize their commitment to safety to participate and be one of the 3,300 businesses and counting that help raise awareness. 

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