Preparing for a Commercial Roof Inspection

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Preparing for a Commercial Roof Inspection

Preparing for a Commercial Roof Inspection? The worst thing that you can do for your commercial roof is fail to have it regularly inspected. A small issue today can lead to a severe issue in coming years. Undetected problems can be a slippery slope towards total roof replacement, and in our current economy, that’s something we can help you avoid. Below are a few simple tasks that you can complete prior to your inspection with Aspen Contracting to assist in the process:

  • Inspect the roof yourself

We know you’re not the professional here, but a quick once over can help you visualize the problem areas and emphasize the areas you want the inspectors to check. Make sure to take note of debris, standing water, damage, slopes or dents, etc. Even if you’re unsure, it’s best to bring your concerns to the inspectors.

  • Keep track of known problems

Has the roof been leaking in the same spot for over a month? Noticed a few spots with loose or missing material? Does the roof make a strange sound? Writing down all noticeable problems and then presenting them to the inspector can help aid the communication of fixing your roof correctly and quickly.

  • Choose Aspen Contracting

We’re the clear choice if you want peace of mind that your project will be handled properly from start to finish. Aspen has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a proven track record in high-quality commercial roofing. We won’t just build the roof and run, we offer you an Ironclad Lifetime Warranty to ensure that your satisfaction is met and kept!

  • Collaborate on a Management Plan

The Fall and Spring are the times to be preparing for a commercial roof inspection. In order to avoid major issues in the future, it’s best to come up with a roof management plan with your Aspen Contracting consultant. Aspen can provide you with an inspection schedule of when your roof will require a checkup. Creating a plan will help to lengthen the life of your commercial roof.

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