Covers 4 Others 2020 Winners

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Residential

Aspen Contracting’s Covers 4 Others 2020 program has come to an end. This year we awarded 8 outstanding individuals, families, and organizations with a free roof to remove some of the burden that this year has caused. Giving back is one of our core values at Aspen Contracting, and we have been ecstatic to give back to the communities that we live and work in. From New York to Arkansas, we oversaw these 8 builds from start to finish, and were humbled by our winner’s reactions to their new free roof. These individuals have either served our country, our neighborhoods, our children in need, our seniors, or is someone who has experienced hardship. Learn more about our winners below!

The Stimak’s

Brian and his wife are some of the most kind-hearted and giving people I know. After being a volunteer firefighter since January of 1994, Brian also helps out by donating materials, tools and hours of his time to help rebuild and maintain the station. Marianna and Brian are also very involved in the community as they volunteer to help coach and mentor the local kid’s football and lacrosse teams. They are always the first to call or come help out when they find out anyone is going through a hardship and always offer a helping hand in any way that they can. Last year a bad wind and rain storm came through and knocked branches onto their roof which caused shingle damage. Unfortunately, insurance denied his claim and paying for a whole new roof is not financially an option at this time. I think this would be an awesome way to say thank you to a family who has given SO much to their community and those that cross their path.

Gregory Francis

When Mr. Francis purchased his home, he was told by the insurance company that they could not provide him with insurance on the roof. Greg is on a limited income and cannot afford the cost of a new roof. His roof was severely damaged from the recent hailstorm here in Jefferson City, MO. A vote for Greg will help a 70 year old Navy Veteran receive the new roof that he deserves. Mr. Francis says: “I have faced many obstacles over the past 20 years but with the Lord’s help I’m still here; Still in good health and able to work and to appreciate my two beautiful great granddaughters. My plan was to see about replacing the roof when I get my A/C repaired and my car loan paid off, but if I were blessed to be chosen to receive my roof free by the generosity of Aspen, that would take away a huge worry. Thank you for your prayers and support.”

Salvation Army – Denver

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Their local stores provide great deals on brand-name clothing, home goods, and electronics at affordable prices. The local Salvation Army store of Denver, CO was in desperate need of a new roof. Aspen Contracting and Covers 4 Others were happy to help so that they can continue to give back to their community.

Hyo Kwak

Even though Hyo has been through very tough times, including fighting cancer for a number of years, she has always shined a positive encouraging light to everyone around her. She has a heart of gold, is the most generous person, and our lives wouldn’t be the same without her! She needed a new roof, so Hyo was a perfect fit for our program.

Margaret Harrington

Margaret was a nurse for almost 30 years, working tirelessly to care for others. She has worked hard for everything she has. While mentally and emotionally stressful, the decades of being a nurse also took its toll on her physically. She has degenerative disk disease with some of her vertebrata fusing together. She is no longer able to work and has a fixed income. This spring she experienced severe hail and her insurance refuses to cover the claim, putting her in a difficult financial situation. While she did save what she could in preparation, she is not able to afford a new roof on her own and was not expecting to need one just yet. With all of this in mind, we chose to help Margaret Harrington.

Judy Luellen

Judy is a loving mother and grandmother who is raising her grandchildren. Her husband is also a veteran. The two of them would be in a better standing with a new roof from the Covers 4 Others program. Judy was incredibly appreciative of the work that Aspen Contracting did for her. Due to her home being nearly 100 years old, replacing the roof required optimal care and attention. The roof went on without any kinks in a marvelous green shingle. Her citrus inspired home is a beacon of joy in her neighborhood.

Kim Watson

Kim is on disability and struggling with her health. She has nowhere else to turn as her parents are elderly. A free roof through Covers 4 Others would take a weight off of her shoulders and give her one less thing to worry about. Please consider helping this great person! That was the nominating plea for Kim. We were able to help her and then some. It was truly a joy and a pleasure to work with Kim on her new roof installation. She was grateful for our hard work and we were grateful for her trust in Aspen Contracting.

Sue Delac

Sue is a sweet and very caring person who is a survivor of cancer and has lost two husbands. Her first husband passed from a rare form of melanoma at a young age and her second of lung cancer. Sue is now left with the financial stress of medical bills and the potential of the return of her cancer. Within the last year, she has filed 2 claims to have her roof replaced due to severe wind and hail damage. Both claims have been denied. With all the tragedies and setbacks Sue has dealt with, the chance of winning a free roof could be just the thing she needs to help keep her moving in the right direction and not giving up hope! Aspen Contracting was able to provide just that. Hope.

As we wrap up our Covers 4 Others 2020 program, we want to mention how grateful we all to all of our sponsors and to those who have nominated a loved one. Covers 4 Others is a great pride of Aspen Contracting and we’re honored to be involved in all of our local communities. Stay tuned on our website for when the nomination process will reopen for 2021!


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