FAQ’s for Property Exteriors

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We’re here to answer your burning questions! Updating and maintaining your properties exterior is a great investment that can greatly increase its value. Properly updating your building exterior can be an expensive and confusing process, Aspen Contracting is here to help answer all of your questions. We’ve compiled the most common question we receive from homeowners and commercial property owners below: 

How do I know if it’s time to replace my roof?


When considering a full roof replacement, be on the lookout for missing shingles, cracked shingles, substantial granule loss, or cupped shingles. The key thing to consider is that you are beating the leak or potential internal damage. You’ll regret waiting until a leak occurs to replace your roof. Along with age, storm damage is another reason for roof replacement, or at the very least an inspection. Asphalt shingles are designed to last through most weather events, but over time strong winds, large hail, and heavy rains can substantially damage them. If you’re property or home received a significant weather event, call Aspen to properly assess the damage. 

How do I maintain my new asphalt roof?


When properly vented, the life expectancy of and asphalt roofing system can range from 25-50 years. However, it’s best to check your roof once a year for damage or deterioration. Damage from wind, hail, rodents, or small branches can compromise a single shingle and lead to an interior leak. During your yearly inspection, check all caulked nail heads to ensure that reapplication is not necessary. 

How can I increase my properties energy efficiency with siding?

Siding with the highest R-Value is going to help bring energy costs down. As stated previously, R-Value signals how well a material hold thermal heat. Wrapping and caulking windows properly can also bring down energy costs as it helps to eliminate escaped air from within the home or building. 

What’s the most cost-effective siding option?


Vinyl siding is typically the most cost-effective option, with varying degrees of quality. Lower quality vinyl siding can warp in extreme temperatures, discolor from sun exposure, or be easily damaged by debris such as hail. It’s important to weigh these concerns with Aspen Contracting when choosing the correct siding material. 

What are the best maintenance options for my new vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding can be easily maintained with a simple cleaning every few months. Using a sponge or brush dipped in warm, soapy water has proven to be the most effective way to clean vinyl siding. Pressure washing is also a faster way to clean, but be mindful that too much pressure can damage the siding. 

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