Roofing Resolutions 2022

Roofing Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions are commonly announced but often not followed through. The Aspen team has put together an easy list of resolutions and goals to have for your home and your roof throughout the year. Don’t stress about working out every single day, set goals that are attainable and will keep your investment in great shape! 

  1. Get a free inspection from Aspen following any major or potentially damaging weather event. 

We at Aspen offer free inspections to take the stress of storm damage off of your shoulders. We understand that roof damage is expensive, working with your insurance company can be confusing, and predicting the weather is nearly impossible. Be proactive about your roofs structural health by calling your local Aspen office and requesting a free inspection. If we catch a structural issue early, then you’ll save potentially thousands in the future. 

  1. Do one self-assessment of your roof (safely) 

We recommend you do a simple self-assessment of the status of your roof to look for any obvious problems. If you’re uncomfortable safely venturing up to your roof, a quick assessment from the ground is perfectly okay! We at Aspen are the experts, so we don’t expect you to find every issue, but familiarizing yourself with problem areas will help you to better communicate with your Aspen Representative about your concerns. Major issues to lookout for are: loose or missing shingles, obvious areas of discoloration, and concaved areas.  

  1. Research the best roof material for your home/building 

Aspen Contracting has many resources and blogs to help you with this decision. If you’d rather have one of our roofing professionals choose for you, give us a quick call to set up a consultation. Thinking of which roofing material you’d desire and/or require ahead of time will allow you to correctly budget or have a better understanding of the roof installation timeline. Being overly prepared is no such thing when it comes to the lifespan of your roof. 

  1. Sign up for Aspen Contracting’s Customer Incentive Program 

After your roof has been fully completed by Aspen Contracting is the best time to sign up for our Customer Incentive Program. Long story short, if you miss out on signing up, you miss out on great rewards just for being a customer. You can earn anything from American Express gift cards to a brand-new Apple iPad by leaving us positive reviews, submitting your project photos, or better yet referring a friend or neighbor! Already had your roof completed but didn’t sign up? No worries! Click HERE to register. 

If you find lofty new year’s resolutions too overwhelming, follow these simple four towards bettering your 2021! Make sure to call Aspen Contracting TODAY for your free inspection and estimate. 

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