Preparing Your Commercial Building for Storm Season

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Commercial, Roofing

Storm season and severe weather can be stressful for business owners as you try to protect your assets and employees. As we get nearer and nearer to storm season, our team has put together a plan on how to properly prepare your commercial building and business for upcoming severe weather. No matter what type of severe weather your region may experience (hurricane, tornado, derecho, etc.) we’ve got you covered. 

Create an Emergency Plan and Test It 

First things first, come up with a plan for what to do when severe weather strikes. For instance, when the tornado sirens start, where will your employees go and how will they stay safe? Begin by understanding the safest place in your commercial building to shelter. The best recommendation for a building lacking a basement or sub-level is to move to the inner-most room on the lowest level. If you’re commercial building has multiple floors, create an action plan for who is in charge of sweeping each floor to make sure that everyone is moving towards the lowest level. Once you have a well thought out emergency plan, test it! Make sure that everyone knows where to go and how to efficiently get there before the time comes. This will create the safest environment in the event of severe weather such as a tornado or hurricane. 

Properly Maintain Your Building 

Keep up with the maintenance of your building. Make sure that gutters are clear, bushes and trees are trimmed, the roof has been properly inspected, etc. In terms of flat commercial roofs, standing water from heavy rains and improper drainage is the enemy; call Aspen Contracting today for a free inspection. 

Protect Your Employees 

Work to protect the health and safety of all employees in your building, or if your building is an apartment complex, your residents. This is what makes the emergency plan so necessary, to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible through the course of the severe weather event. Make sure to set protocol and action plans in the event that severe weather was to occur before, during, and after work hours. 

Protect Your Assests 

Properly planning for how to protect your building is the next step after protecting your employees and yourself. If there’s a warning of an imminent hurricane, consider boarding windows; if there’s a possibility for tornadic activity or sever hail, park cars under a covering and prepare to have your roof inspected once the skies have cleared. 

Know Your Aspen Ironclad Lifetime Warranty 

So, you walk outside to view the aftermath and find significant or minor damage to your roof… what now? Well, fortunately for you, you chose Aspen Contracting and have the benefits of an Ironclad Lifetime Warranty. We’ll be out to help get your home to pre-storm shape or better! Interested in a free roof inspection and estimate from us? Call today and we’d be happy to help. 


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