Preparing Your Home for Storm Season

Preparing Your Home for Storm Season

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There’s nothing better than a week’s worth of warm weather after a harsh winter. The sun is out, the trees are blooming, and the April showers are starting to begin. Spring weather brings many things, but most often it brings an increase of severe storms. Intense lightning, heavy rains, hail, tornadoes, and high winds can all lead to moderate and severe damage to your property. We’ve compiled a to-do list to follow to ensure that your home is properly prepared for what mother nature will throw at you. Severe weather is impossible to avoid, but it can easily be prepared for. 

Trim Trees & Clear Debris 

After a storm with high winds, it’s likely that your yard and roof will be covered in tree limbs and debris. Trimming your trees of dead limbs or branches that may be touching your property is important because they can come crashing down on your roof and cause major structural issues during strong winds, rain, or even hail. Inspect your trees on a mild spring day for decay or rot, then make sure to remove the limbs properly and effectively; making sure not to further damage the tree. The same goes for large shrubs or bushes that may create excess debris in the case of severe weather. 

Check Your Gutters 

In the case of a heavy rain storm, clogged gutters can create incorrect drainage which can lead to internal leaks. When a gutter gets clogged, it causes the water flow to travel in whichever direction causes the least resistance as it follows the pull of gravity. That could mean through a basement window, into your foundation, or even into a loose shingle; penetrating your roof. Clean your gutters properly before storm season in a safe and effective manner to avoid these negative side effects. 

Secure Outdoor Furniture 

Don’t assume the furniture on your back patio is heavy enough to stay put. Consider tying your outdoor furniture together and then to a tree or post to keep it safely in place. During a spout of severe weather and strong wind, patio furniture may be lifted from the ground and thrown, which can damage windows, siding, roofing, etc. In the case of severe weather, it’s best to assume that what can go wrong will go wrong. 

Create an Emergency Kit 

This is extremely important, especially for families. Consider putting together a “Severe Weather Emergency Kit” to keep in a place that you would use to shelter from a tornado. Items to consider including in your emergency kit are: multiple battery powered flashlights, a batter powered radio, a small first aid kit, small amounts of nonperishable foods, and blankets for sleeping. Keeping these items handy will ensure that if tornado sirens were to sound in the middle of the night or when you least expected, then you’re properly prepared to hunker down and keep yourself and your family safe. 

Create an Emergency Plan 

This step is also very important! After creating an emergency kit, create a plan for what to do if severe weather is to strike. This can include convening in the innermost room on your property, sheltering in the basement, or even planning far enough ahead to leave the area for the forecasted event. The safety of you and your family is most important. 

Know Your Aspen Ironclad Lifetime Warranty 

So, you walk outside to view the aftermath and find significant or minor damage to your roof… what now? Well, fortunately for you, you chose Aspen Contracting and have the benefits of an Ironclad Lifetime Warranty. We’ll be out to help get your home to pre-storm shape or better! Interested in a free roof inspection and estimate from us? Call today and we’d be happy to help. 

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