Different Hail Sizes

Categories of Hail and the Damage Caused

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As a property owner, hail can be a stressful event. The damage that one single hail storm can have on your roof, siding, gutters, vehicles, windows, etc., can be extensive and costly to fix. It’s important to understand that the amount of damage and the severity of the damage will greatly depend on the size or category of the hail stones. We’ve detailed the categories of hail and how much damage you should expect from them.  

Pea Size Hail 

Pea size is the most common form of hail and is typically fairly harmless, measuring in at 0.25” on average. Pea size hail is most likely to occur in minor to severe spring and summer storms and have a very minimal path of damage. You may see more granules from asphalt shingles in your gutters due to a pea size hail event; but overall, the damage won’t be drastic. 

Quarter Size Hail 

Quarter size hail is a fairly uncommon when talking about the categories of hail, but will have more significant damage than pea sized. Quarter size typically measures in at around 1.00” and will be noticeably larger and louder than pea size. This category of hail can cause significant damage to roofs and shingles and will leave noticeable dents on cars and metal gutters. Depending on wind speed, this size of hail may chip parts of your homes siding. Your roof will require an inspection after surviving a storm with this classification of hail. 

Golf Ball Size Hail 

Golf ball size hail is rare and occurs in very severe weather. Golf ball size hail will create significant damage to roofing systems, shingles, cars, windows, and siding. This category of hail should be considered very dangerous and damaging. Your roof will definitely require an inspection after surviving a storm with this classification of hail. 

Softball Size Hail 

Softball size hail is very rare and very dangerous. Most people will never experience a weather event involving softball sized hail in their lifetime. Softball size hail will cause immense damage to nearly all structures, including holes in roofs, shattered windows, heavy damage to cars, etc. Your property will require significant repairs after weathering a storm of this magnitude. 

If your property experiences a hail storm, call Aspen Contracting for a FREE inspection and estimate. 

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