Commercial Maintenance Plan for your roof.

Creating a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

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Keeping your commercial roof in its best shape is very important. It’s best to keep such a costly investment in the best shape possible. Regardless if your commercial roof is flat or steep, creating a commercial roof maintenance plan is important. We’ve put together a plan for you to follow to keep your investment in tip-top shape. Read below to see what our experts at Aspen Contracting recommend! 

Watch for Signs of Damage 

When possible, track the changing appearance of the roof. It may be smart to keep a journal or a separate document on your computer to log when you are noticing changes. Details that may be worth noting are: areas of poor drainage, areas of shingle discoloration, or areas of dipping/swelling. Doing a quarterly assessment of your roofing system will help to catch problems early on before they become serious issues. 

Clean Your Gutters/Drainage Systems 

Cleaning your drainage system is massively important to prevent mold or leaks. If gutters or drains are not cleared of plant debris (such as dead leaves), then you will see areas of standing water or overflowing drains, which can lead to leaks in the interior of your building. The best time to clear your drainage system is early winter and early summer to clear the buildup of dead leaves, pollen, and other plant material. 

Keep Your Warranty Handy 

It’s a good idea to have your roofs warranty printed and kept in a safe place for easy access. Knowing the ins and outs of your warranty is very important for when it comes time to address an area of concern. Aspen’s Ironclad Lifetime Warranty is the best in the industry and answers all of our customers questions and concerns. 

Have your Commercial Roof Inspected 

Having your roofing system inspected after a major weather event is very important to catch potential issues. A hail storm can significantly degrade roofing systems, regardless of if they are a flat or shingled. Have Aspen Contracting perform a FREE roof inspection and create a commercial roof maintenance plan for you this year.

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