Spring Commercial Roofing Issues

5 Common Spring Commercial Roofing Issues

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Winter is over and the last thing a Commercial Businesses needs are problems to stem from their commercial roofs during the busy summer season.  That’s why Spring is an important time to check on the health of your roof.  The earlier the problem is identified the better chance you have of avoiding damage to property and possibly assets depending on what type of business you have.  Below is a list of 5 issues you need to look out for and avoid by having a seasonal roof inspection.

Active Leaks

When the weather gets warmer all the snow and ice from the Winter will melt and reveal leaks that you may not have known you had.  If you see stains on the walls or ceiling this is an indication that your roof could be leaking.  No matter how small the stains are, it is best to get the walls or ceiling looked at to verify that you are not in danger of more serious issues and repair any active leaks.


When the weather is cold, animals are looking for a warm place to hibernate. If you have loose shingles or siding, your roof is the perfect place to start nesting.  Squirrels, raccoons, and birds are the some of the most common animals that can damage roofs.  They can also cause electrical wiring issues and interfere with venting systems.  One way to tell if you have a nesting issue is to listen for strange noises near your property.  Also look for a lot wild animals starting to congregate around your business.  If you recognize you have an issue, you will first need to call an animal removal company before you get your roof checked.  Once the animals have been safely removed, then its time to get a professional roof inspection.


Shingles go through a lot during Winter weather.  During freezing weather, shingles can split and warp.  If your installer did an average or poor job, it is not unusual to see a missing or damage shingles.  Spring is a great time to have this looked at if you experienced below freezing temperatures this Winter.

Gutters Sagging

Debris like leaves can clog your gutters over time.  Excessive debris will cause a gutter to loosen and possibly sag. If your gutters are defective it can cause water damage if they have improper drainage and preventing water from pooling. Make sure you clean your gutters regularly to keep drainage issues at bay. If you are facing any of these gutter issues find a roofing expert in your area before the problem gets worse.

Moisture Retention

If you received a lot of snow during the winter, the water from that snowfall can soak into the roof leading to excessive moisture. Moisture can also be in your roof through leaves or needles that may still be trapped on rooftops from last fall.

Shingles already beat up by winter weather (which can include damaging winds and ice), now have to deal with a slew of spring rainstorms. Moisture and rapidly changing temperatures can also harm roof membranes, those layers under your shingles that are meant to keep moisture from traveling any further. Older membranes may give up in the winter and develop dangerous cracks that spring rainstorms exploit.   It’s easy to see why moisture damage is a common cause of spring roof issues. If any of these issues present itself to you contact Aspen for a free Commercial Roof Inspection.

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