Choosing Sustainability For Your Home

Choosing Sustainability For Your Home

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Preserving the environment is one trend that you can count on to stick around for generations to come. Globally, the community at large is working to find ways to make everyday life as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. This trend has a large presence in the home, with many homeowners looking for ways to preserve energy and adopt a more minimal lifestyle. Hopefully this blog will help you when choosing sustainability for your home.  Some materials are more sustainable than others, and there are tons of products on the market that work to preserve natural energy. We’ll outline a few options to consider when going green in your home.

1. Use sustainable materials

Choosing Sustainability For Your Home

When considering what materials to use in your next home renovation project, stop and think about how your choice could impact the environment. Do you want to go choose a trendy new siding option that doesn’t promise longevity? Have you thought about what items you may be able to reclaim, rather than buy new? When it comes to siding, fiber cement is a durable option that has a long replacement cycle. New practices in stucco siding have made it a more green, diminishing links to carbon dioxide emissions. Adding a deck to your home? Look into reclaimed wood options, which many lumber yards provide. If you’re getting your roof replaced, consider the classic look of wood shake. Wood shingles are natural, biodegradable and last up to 25 years.

Aspen strives to provide our customers with as many options as possible. We believe in preserving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. Ask us about eco-friendly options and we’ll set you up for a sustainable future.

2. Repurpose home decor

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As much as shiny, new furniture and appliances can be appealing, nothing says charm like a repurposed piece. If you’ve got old furniture sitting in your garage, rather than throw it away in search of new items, why not give it new life? With a little sanding, paint and small updated features, you can turn that old coffee table into an eye-catching piece that all your guests will rave about. Don’t have any old furniture? Venture to a few of your local thrift stores to find some local gems.

3. Smart home features


Advances in technology are allowing homeowners to control how much and when they use their utilities and other home features. Forget to turn the light out in the bathroom before running an errand? There’s an app for that. Look into systems like this for your home, which allow you to perform simple tasks like turning off lights, adjusting your thermostat, securing your home and even detecting leaks and other home accidents. When it comes to your exterior, look into lights that detect motion. Saving on energy costs is always a win.

4. Go green, literally!


If a green roof, adorned with succulents and grass isn’t quite your thing, opt for decorating with plants throughout your home. Other than being great for the environment, plants help clean your air and deter illness away. Before you go out and buy that new end table, consider a plant to bring your space to life. Plants can look great in any room, from your kitchen to your bedroom, and even outside on the deck. Just be sure to keep up with regular care for your plants to ensure a long lifespan.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas when Choosing Sustainability For Your Home.  Let us know if you have any roofing needs by contacting us at 877-784-ROOF!

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