Commonly Found Defects on Commercial Roofs

Commonly Found Defects on Commercial Roofs (and what to do about them)

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Do you know the condition of your commercial roof? Read on to learn more about some of the most common problems that can occur on your roof and what you can do about them!

Ponding Water

Ponding water is a common occurrence on flat roofs when the roof does not have a properly functioning drainage system. Water left for an extended period of time after a weather event can compromise the structural integrity of your roof. This can cause a variety of issues such as leaks and water damage, sagging and damage from thermal shock.

Therefore, it is important to schedule yearly inspections to make sure that your roof’s drainage system is functioning correctly. Yearly maintenance is recommended to ensure that your gutters and drains are free from debris.


Punctures in your roof membrane or flashings can be a significant problem that needs to be addressed. These can be caused by weather events such as wind and hail, foot traffic and other debris. When your roof membrane or flashings aren’t properly sealed and are compromised, the potential for moisture, bugs and even animals getting into your roofing system increases greatly.

A licensed and experienced roofing contractor will be able to take a look at the punctures and damage on your roof and determine whether repairs or replacement is needed. Getting your roof inspected sooner than later will help keep these smaller punctures and damage at bay and help avoid any additional damage.

Wet Insulation

A compromised roofing system can cause leaks and lead to wet insulation in your roofing system. Wet insulation can lead to mold, warping, rotting and damage to the overall building. Insulation that is wet can also negate the energy efficiency benefits of your roofing system and can cause you to need more heat in the winter and additional air conditioning in the summer. This can mean higher utility bills and energy costs for your building.

It is critical that your roof’s membrane is properly fastened, and that the integrity of your roofing system is not compromised is key to avoiding wet insulation. A watertight roofing system will keep moisture away from your insulation and ensure that everything is functioning properly. This is why the quality of the workmanship from the roofing contractor who installed your roof is imperative as well as keeping up with annual maintenance and inspections.


Excess moisture on your roof can cause vegetation such as algae to grow on your roof. This can prevent water and other debris from properly draining and cause leaks. Additionally, the root systems of various types of vegetation can destroy the roofing membrane and cause significant damage.

Keeping your roof clear of algae and other types of commonly found vegetation is important to the overall health and lifespan of your roof. Yearly roof cleaning is an excellent way to get rid of vegetation and debris while also making it easier to detect other potential problems that may be occurring on your roof.

Your commercial roof is one of your company’s biggest assets – make sure it is doing its job! Avoid these common problems by getting your roof regularly inspected by a trusted roofing contractor. If you’re need in of a commercial roof inspection, reach out to Aspen Contracting today. We are licensed, bonded and insured and have ample experience repairing and replacing commercial roofs. Let’s get started!

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