Fall Gutter Check

Fall Gutter Check

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Fall is just around the corner! Many of you are looking forward to cooler weather, bonfires, pumpkin spice, and all the fun that this season has to offer. Leaves will start to fall, which can cause damage to your gutter system if neglected. Here are a few signs that your gutters may need to be cleaned:

1. Leaf Accumulation– This sign may seem obvious, but it can easily be overlooked. Too much debris like dirt and twigs in your gutters will eventually become too much for your gutters to endure. They will start to droop, pull away from your home, and crack.

2. Leaking Roof– Water that doesn’t drain properly can accumulate on your roof. Eventually, it’ll soak through the shingles and create costly damage. Structural components, furniture, appliances, electrical systems, and more are at risk of water damage.

3. Birds Nesting Inside ThemClogged gutters have everything a bird needs to create a natural nest. As a result, this can be a great spot for birds to build a home. It is illegal to remove or relocate an active bird’s nest in most states, so it’s important to prevent one from being built in the first place.

4. Pest Control ProblemsCluttered gutters can create standing water, causing pests such as mosquitoes to breed in them. Also, as leaves fall, gutters can become packed and provide shelter and food for other pests.

5. FloodingGutters that are clogged can produce drainage issues, leading to flooding on your property or your neighbors. Heavy amounts of water saturating the soil causes the soil to expand and damage foundation walls. Eventually, this can lead to cracks within the foundation, allowing water to come in. If you do notice flooding, contact an electrician for safety purposes.

6. Season Changing– The spring and summer months are notorious for storms, so it’s important to make sure your gutters are clean to prevent debris and sagging. As far as winter goes, cluttered gutters can freeze creating icicles and ice dams. All these concerns can cause damage that needs attention.

7. Can’t Remember When It Was Last Cleaned– It’s recommended that gutters are cleaned at least twice a year. If you’re unable to remember when you or a trusted company completed the task, then it’s time to see if it’s needed.

Gutter cleaning can be easy to forget during our busy day-to-day, however, it’s an important part of your home’s maintenance. Creating a routine each year can ensure your home is protected and prevent damage in the long run. This in turn will allow you and your family to live and enjoy life safely!

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