Tips For hanging Christmas Lights

Tips For Hanging Christmas Lights

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There are two types of people in this world: Those who put up their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, and those who wait until the holiday has come and gone. Which one are you? No matter your answer, our tips and tricks for safely hanging Christmas lights will come in handy this holiday season!


1. Check Electrical Outlets- Do you have sufficient outlets/power to run your lights? If not, this is the first item that would need to be addressed. You can add grounded power stakes or use zip cord for temporary display use. From there, you can..


2. Create A Master Plan– Ask yourself what areas you’re looking to hang lights from. Are you thinking strictly the roof? A few trees in the yard? On the front porch? Once you’ve come to a decision, sketching out your vision can help to ensure everyone is on the same page and key areas aren’t missed.
3. Choose Your Lights Wisely– It’s important to choose lights that not only are aesthetically pleasing, but ones that will work with the available power and are rated for outdoor use.


4. Make Sure You Have Enough Lights– If you plan on tackling any or all the areas listed in the second point, you don’t want to be empty handed. Take time to measure so you know many boxes of lights to buy when you’re at the store. If you want to avoid measuring, bulk options are available online.


5. Look Over Your Purchase– Make sure the lights work as designed by checking the cords and seeing if bulbs are damaged. If you don’t want to leave anything up to chance, plug in the lights. If anything looks out of place, avoid a potential safety hazard and don’t use them.


6. Use the Buddy System– When you’re ready to hang the lights, make sure you have a friend or family member around. This person can help spot you while making sure your ladder is firm and doesn’t shift during use. Having another hand can also speed up the process, making it so there is less risk for those hanging the lights.


7. Avoid Easy Mistakes– Make sure your materials are gathered before starting, work in optimal weather conditions, don’t decorate trees near a power line, wear sturdy shoes, don’t connect more strands than recommended, and actively follow safety precautions.


8. Use Plastic Clips/Hooks– Before lights are hung, clips can be installed to give you an idea of where the lights will hang. This method can save time in the long run and be safer to use on your roof.


As you’re following this guide, be sure to adjust for your specific needs! Hanging lights looks different for each home. Once you’ve completed this task, take time to celebrate your hard work- you’ve earned it!


On behalf of everyone at Aspen Contracting, have a safe and happy holiday season! For all your roofing needs, call us at 877-784-ROOF.

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