New Year, New Job at Aspen Contracting

New Year, New Job at Aspen Contracting

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As one year ends and another begins, many people take time to reflect and create goals to better themselves. Resolutions look different for everyone. Some strive to improve their health through a new fitness journey. Others make it goal to travel more frequently. If your resolution is to change careers or grow in the contracting field, Aspen Contracting may be the company you’ve been searching for!


The job market is more diverse than ever, so why would you want to choose Aspen over the competition? There are many reasons! To begin, Aspen has nationwide coverage, meaning you are not limited to live and work in one area. Roofing jobs are being completed by our crews across the nation, which allows our employees the freedom to choose a location that would work best for them.


In addition to having locations in many states, Aspen has a variety of opportunities available. Some of our open positions include:


· Office Support Assistant– This position will assist with customer service and organizational strength of our company.


· Customer Service Representative– Respond to customer inquiries and keep records of all interactions and transactions.


· Bookkeeping– Enter bills and credit memos, payments, post deposits, export reports and profit statements.


· Project Consultants– Set appointments, create inspection reports, monitor progress and quality of work, and act as liaison throughout project.


· Production Staff– Track various projects items and coordinate delivery of materials to crews.


· Service Department Staff– This position upholds our Ironclad Warranty and coordinates crews to ensure customers are satisfied with their project.


· Well Trained Crews

· And more!

Customer Service Rep

While it’s important to fill these roles, we want to ensure that employment at Aspen is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. As you’re considering options, we want to take a moment to highlight our core values:


· Put People First– We are dedicated to creating collaborative relationships that empower people to reach their maximum potential.


· Do The Right Thing– Every day, we have the choice to do it the easy way or the right way. We choose to it the right way every time.


· Higher Standards & Integrity– We have an unwavering commitment to quality from the ground up- everything matters, and we don’t settle for average. We are nationally accredited with an A+ rating!

Project Consultant Careers at Aspen

These values are the reason for our continual success throughout the past 17 years. Aspen Contracting now has 50 locations served nationwide, with over 250 employees. Growth didn’t cease during the global pandemic. In fact, Aspen has seen record numbers since with 2022 being the most successful year to date, while continuing to hold our ‘Top 100 Roofing Contractors’ title. Much of that success is owed to our growing presence in the following areas:


· New Construction– Due to the increasing demand for housing, we have seen a larger number of New Construction clients.


· Commercial Construction– We offer a variety of services to help commercial property owners, which is why we’ve gained their trust and have grown in this area.


· Retail Locations– Aspen has added new locations to provide homeowners with local and reliable services. When we come to new areas, we secure proper licensing for your protection and ours.


· Storm Response– It is our goal to make sure our customer’s house feels like home. Therefore, when a storm hits, our reaction time is very quick. This includes servicing older roofing systems!


Not only are we expanding into different areas of work, but we’re also implementing and expanding programs for customers. Some of these include:


· Customer Incentive Program– Customers can refer their friends and family to us and earn rewards by doing so! It’s as easy as leaving a review, sharing project photos, following us on social media, and more.


· Aspen’s Ironclad Warranty– Our lifetime warranty is the strongest to protect your investment. Compared to others in the industry, we offer more coverage creating peace of mind for our customers.


· Aspen’s Ironclad Assurance Program– This is a new program rolling out in 2023. More details to come soon! Be ready because you don’t want to miss it!

New year new job

Since these programs are designed to enhance the customer experience, you may be asking what we do to attract and retain talent? Here are a few areas that make us stand out from other employers:


· Health Benefits– Aspen offers medical insurance to employees through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City after 60 days of employment.


· 401K– After a year of service, employees are allowed to enroll in our 401K program to help save for their future.


· Paid Time Off– Aspen offers paid time off for employees based on years of service.


· Housing Options– We offer a housing a program for employees on the road! No matter where Aspen takes you, we want to ensure our employees are taken care of.


· Updated Technology– Aspen provides employees with the tools they need to be successful. We use programs that are highly rated and user friendly!


· Training Programs– Employees are paid for training as they start, and we offer weekly calls to grow in different areas.


· Employee Reward Program– Aspen uses a platform to recognize employees for their hard work! Users can cash out points for apparel and other items such as virtual gift cards.


· Rainmaker Trip– At Aspen, our top performers are called “Rainmakers” because they make it rain! These employees are treated to a trip where we all come together to celebrate our shared success.


Aspen Contracting is committed to creating a stable, thriving environment where our employees can grow to the best of their abilities and reach their maximum potential. Imagine the adventures you could embark on and the achievements you could gain with Aspen. Take control of your career in 2023 and join one of the top companies in the industry!

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