Roof Repair and Installation

Our Superior Roofing System

The roof over your head is the first line of defense that protects your home against the relentless forces of nature, ensuring you and your family stay comfortable and protected within. The roof is an intricate system with various components that work in synchronicity to promote optimal airflow and to maximize the condition and service life of your roof. One key component of a quality roofing system is the underlayment. This layer is installed beneath the shingles and acts as a secondary barrier against water intrusion. It provides an extra layer of defense if water manages to bypass the primary shingle layer. 

A Better System

Many roofing companies still use traditional felt paper as underlayment. Aspen Contracting offers an upgrade with our Aspen Synthetic Underlayment. This synthetic option outperforms felt in several ways—it’s stronger, resists moisture better, and withstands temperature extremes more effectively. Our uniquely engineered underlayment offers unparalleled protection for your home, outperforming traditional felt paper by a significant margin.

Advantages of Aspen’s Synthetic Underlayment

A Necessary Roofing Component

Quality underlayment is an essential component to safeguard your roof against potential damage. Its design effectively prevents rain and moisture from infiltrating the roof deck—a situation that could lead to decay or leakage.

Strong and Resilient

Choosing top-quality underlayment is essential for optimal protection. Our underlayment offers an extraordinary tear strength, nearly 50 times greater than that of felt, and its puncture resistance surpasses double the PSI of standard options.

Superior Water Mitigation

Unlike mere water-resistant materials, our underlayment ensures complete waterproofing. It also features a nonslip surface to provide better safety during installation, and is designed to resist UV damage for up to six months.

Environmentally Sound

Of great importance, our underlayment is eco-friendly, because it’s 100% recyclable, and is backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty—a perfect demonstration of our commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Aspen Synthetic Underlayment Felt Paper
95 lbs Tensile Strength 62 lbs Tensile Strength
120 Puncture PSI Strength 48 Puncture PSI Strength
50 lbs Tear Strength 1.5 lbs Tear Strength
230 lbs cap nail strength 40 lbs cap nail strength
.05 Water Vapor Transmission (Perm) 5 Water Vapor Transmission (Perm)
Pass Liquid Transmission Test N/A Liquid Tranmsission Test
Water Proof Water Resistant
6 month UV Resistant 30 day UV Resistant
Pass ASTM Type I, II, and IV test Pass ASTM Type I, II Only
Textured Walking Surface for Safety No Texture
N/A Moisture Buckling .5 in Moisture Buckling
-70 to 250 Degrees Temperature Range 32-150 Degrees Temperature Range
N/A Oil Leak Test Fail Oil Leak Test
100% Recyclable Asphalt from crude Oil
Lifetime Warranties No Warranties