Underlayment on a home
Underlayment on a business

Aspen Synthetic Underlayment Felt Paper
95 lbs Tensile Strength 62 lbs Tensile Strength
120 Puncture PSI Strength 48 Puncture PSI Strength
50 lbs Tear Strength 1.5 lbs Tear Strength
230 lbs cap nail strength 40 lbs cap nail strength
.05 Water Vapor Transmission (Perm) 5 Water Vapor Transmission (Perm)
Pass Liquid Transmission Test N/A Liquid Tranmsission Test
Water Proof Water Resistant
6 month UV Resistant 30 day UV Resistant
Pass ASTM Type I, II, and IV test Pass ASTM Type I, II Only
Textured Walking Surface for Safety No Texture
N/A Moisture Buckling .5 in Moisture Buckling
-70 to 250 Degrees Temperature Range 32-150 Degrees Temperature Range
N/A Oil Leak Test Fail Oil Leak Test
100% Recyclable Asphalt from crude Oil
Lifetime Warranties No Warranties